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Studying and completing assignments is just a part of a student’s life, which is absolutely logical. This combination of serious things and multiple funny situations creates a unique lifestyle and jokes that are truly relevant for none but students. While these gifs are jokes for everyone else, current students may experience not only fun but also a true pain of their everyday existence, so be careful. However, laughing is the best way to make something unpleasant and annoying a little easier, isn’t it?

How Does It Feel Like?

Oh, that’s a familiar situation when the deadline is approaching and you have 2000 words to go…

Submitting that completed in rush essay to Turnitin brings unforgettable emotions:

Citing sources is very important as well because teachers, unfortunately, do not accept this explanation of where you got the information from:

When the paper is finally completed, uploaded, you are finally free and feel hungry:

What I actually do all the time when I tell people that I need to study hard to pass the important exam:

What I do two hours before the exam:

But it is anyway going to end up like this:

How I think I will handle a complex subject:

But I always feel like this:

When the teacher says “I will give a simple test tomorrow, here are some resources to get prepared”, students must understand that this is what he or she implies:

And we all know how to do it in the correct way, right?

Oh, wait, not that one. In fact, this one reflects the way of preparation better:

And when after“all-night study” I suddenly realize that I am almost late for a class…

Fortunately, everything goes okay. And at some point, the tuition and other related fees must be paid:

It is a relief that there are many people who can help poor students. This is how it feels when you have received a grant for college, even if it is just $1.000:

At some point a student may realize that a lot of services and shops have good discounts for students:

And in this case, a student's life often means combining studies and some work in order to cover the expenses. Managing all that stuff successfully will make you feel like this guy:

But this lifestyle makes all engaged students share one common desire, deeply rooted in the unconsciousness:

A student’s life is also full of defeated expectations. And it is not a really big problem when boys expect girls in college to be like this:

But they are actually behaving in a different way:

It is a much bigger problem when a student has specific expectations on grades:

But the teacher does not know about that and deliberately continues to do the following with your grades:

But it seems that this is the universal principle of treating people’s expectations, so, never mind and just do your best.

Student’s Life is the Adventure

In any case, the student’s life is definitely worth it as it implies not only difficult and dull homework and studying but also incredible new experiences and a lot of fun. Enjoy it and all the opportunities that you have while being a student!

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