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Importance of Moon Landing Mission of Apollo 11: Argumentative Essay

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This year marks the 50th anniversary since the moon landing mission of Apollo 11. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins exploded off into the now legendary mission of the Apollo 11. At 6:52 am on the dot, Buzz Aldrin as Luna Modul Pilot, Neil Armstrong as Commander, and Micheal Collins as Commander Modul Pilot hopped into the lift to the rocket. The whole world stopped as people ran through security checks getting ready for lift-off. At 9:31 am these three boys travelling journey began. People watched on in there black and white TVs! For the period of time until landing on the moon if successful, their lives were at risk and also mainly in the hands of special life craft systems from the Apollo 11. This was all in the year 1969.

Successful Apollo Programs-

  • Appolo 12
  • Appolo 14
  • Appolo 15
  • Appolo 16
  • Appolo 17
  • Appolo 11

When researching for this assignment, although quite a few Appolo Programs were the unsuccessful one that particularly stood out to me was actually the Appolo 13. Although being unsuccessful was a disadvantage there were a few advantages including how people got to experience completing a rescue mission and they would be experienced if this was ever to happen again on one of the Appolo missions. It wasn’t successful because of a malfunction but it was one of the 1st Apollo programs to come back with photographic evidence.

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The 6 manned Apollo missions that were triumphant started with Neil and Buzz on the Apollo 11 and then finished off with Gene Cernan and Jack Schmitt who were a part of the Apollo 17 program on the 14th of December 1972. These Apollo programs were actually 3 years apart. All the Apollo programs were constructed by the United States of America.

Launch Dates-

  • Apollo 11- 1969, 16th July
  • Apollo 12- 1969, 14th November
  • Apollo 14- 1971, 31st January
  • Apollo 15- 1971, 26th July
  • Apollo 16- 1972, 16th April
  • Apollo 17- 1972, 7th December

Purpose- The purpose of the Apollo program is to gather more information about our understanding of the moon and its surface and to dig deeper. It helps with research about all things life and other things on the moon. This would help all sciences including earth and environmental science and many many more. It helps with modern-day research and establishing new developments in the future with new types of technology and etc. This is an experiment to see how it can put your body under stress in the atmosphere when the astronauts are not in there usual environment and when they are not in their usual routine and eating their normal food.

A disadvantage I have outlined is that was incredibly expensive. The most pricy parts were the spacecraft and the launch vehicles.


  • Apollo 7 was the first-ever broadcast from the moon.
  • The Apollo 8 took photos and recorded videos of the earth and moon.
  • In Apollo 9, the human’s reaction to weightlessness and space were recorded in a test of 152 orbits.
  • Apollo 10, was a dress rehearsal for the moon landing, and the first time ever the moon was seen in live colour.

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