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Enron Scandal: Fraud, Losses And Solutions

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Company Profile

Enron Corporation was an American vitality, items, and Service Company situated in Huston, Texas. It was established in 1985 by Kenneth Lay as the aftereffect of a merger between Houston Natural Gas and Inter-North. Enron Corporation was one of the main providers of Natural Gas, communications, pulp and paper. Enron utilized around 20,000 staff with guaranteed incomes. The organization’s director and CEO is Jeffery skilling, previous President, and COO Andrew Fas-tow, previous CFO Rebecca Mark-Jusbasche , previous Vice Chairman , and CEO of Enron International Stephen F. Cooper , Interim CEO and CRO.

The Scandal and Fraud

Enron scandal was pop at the top of 2001, it had been reveal that it’s apprize condition was sustained primarily by institutionalized, systematic, and creatively planned accounting fraud, referred to as the ‘Enron scandal’. Enron has since become a preferred image of willful company fraud and corruption. The scandal includes Enron Corporation and its Auditor Arthur Andersen that was detecting in 2001. When a series of detections include irregular accounting step managed throughout the 1990, Enron was on the rim of bankruptcy by Nov. 2001.

The company had been exploitation accounting loopholes to cover billions of dollars of waste debt, whereas at the same time inflating the company’s earnings. The scandal resulted in stake-holders losing over billions of dollars as Enron’s share worth folded from around ninety dollars to below one dollar around a year. The company’s chief operating officer, Jeff Skillings, and former chief operating officer, Kenneth Lay, had kept billions of dollars of debt off the company’s balance sheet. Additionally, that they had pressured the company’s auditing firm, Arthur Andersen, to ignore the issue. The corporate went bankrupt in Dec. 2001.

Enron’s auditor firm, Arthur Andersen, was accused of applying reckless standards in its audits attributable to a conflict of interest over the numerous consulting fees generated by Enron. The external auditor was also engaged in this fraud, as a result of the neglected Enron audits, Enron’s nontransparent financial statements didn’t clearly depict its operations and finances with shareholders. Increase accounting: actual prices and actual revenues were received and recorded once commerce it. Mark-to-market accounting: financial gain was calculable because the gift price of future income, however prices were hard to be recorded.

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The losses

Enron scandal, revealed in Oct 2001, eventually lead to the bankruptcy of the Enron Corporation. On Oct. sixteen, 2001 Lay announced losses of 618 billion dollars. On Nov. 2001 it admitted accounting errors, inflating income by 586 million dollars. It begins losing two billion during a week. It stock price dropped to sixty one cents. It had to payback 690 million dollars in two weeks. It had been delisted from New York Stock Exchange. In 2001, workers lost 1.2 billion dollars in retirement funds. Average severances pay 4500 dollars. Top executives were paid bonuses totaling 55 Million dollars and cashed 116 Million dollars in stock.

The manipulation

They established shell corporations by exploitation Special purpose entities system however managed by freelance equity capitalist and debt finance. Enron used SPE to manage risks related to specific assets and disclose smallest details of its SPE. By 2001, Enron had used many SPEs to cover its debt. As results of one violation, Enron’s balance sheet understated its liabilities, immoderate its equity and profits. A special purpose entity may is a legally separate business that absorbs risk for an organization. A special purpose entity may also be designed for the reverse state of affairs, wherever the assets it holds are secure although the connected corporation enters bankruptcy. This arrangement allows a organization to shift unrelated activities and risk away from its financial statements. Special purpose entities have several legitimate functions, however will be abused to create an organization look less risky and a lot of profitable than is absolutely the case.


Enron was a noteworthy and innovative company within the world; its success cannot be neglected. But there’s an interest question for Enron’s bankruptcy: Is there an organization will get success without ethics? To see from the facts, the solution is “no.” Whether, Enron and Anderson they finally acquire their fault on ethics. We see ethics drawback would bring a fatal strike to a company, in spite of however it absolutely was successful.


To avoid this scandal we should begin again and replace all accounting staff and hiring new accounting staff with high experience and if the financial situation is weak, it must bring a partner who will help the company financially and we should make a perfect balance sheet and income statement and annually should be finding good internal and external auditors to audit quart and also should be transfer all money through bank system at the end of every month reconcile the statement of the bank.

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