Essay on Child Labour as a Problem

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Do you have the experience of making a living at a very young age? Are you frustrated because you should study in school instead of in the workplace? Did you know that all children have the right to go to school and study, no matter who they are, where they live, and how much money the family has? Child labor refers to exploiting children in any form, depriving them of their childhood, hindering their ability to attend regular schools, and performing work that is harmful to the mind, body, society, and morals.

The cause of the problem is poverty and lack of education. Children are forced to feed their families rather than go to school. Going to school is not their priority because the family cannot afford the tuition. Poverty is considered the most important reason, depriving children of their studies and skills. The poor child has no skills when he grows up, and his salary is very low when he grows up.

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Child labor deprives a normal childhood, proper education, and opportunities for physical and mental health. Hazardous physical and mental work can interfere with school education and long-term development. The worst forms include slavery, trafficking, sexual exploitation, and hazardous work, which can cause death, injury, and illness to children at risk.

Child labor is a social problem that society has faced for decades. One of the keys to preventing this problem is better education. Education is the process of facilitating learning or acquiring knowledge, skills, values, ethics, beliefs, and habits. It can take place in a formal or informal setting, and any experience that has an impact on people's thoughts, feelings, or behaviors can be considered educational. Parents are responsible for finding better jobs to meet the needs of their children. There are many good ways to make money, and education is one of your obligations to your children. Becoming a parent is a sacrifice, but if you see your children finish their studies and realize their dreams, you will feel very happy. The important thing is to receive a better education to help us grow and become better Internet users, which no one can get rid of. Adults must teach young people to understand their rights to ensure their safety and understand their own personal safety restrictions.

In order to understand the rights of children, there must be early plans and community plans that can help them. We all know that education can alleviate poverty and stop the cycle of child labor. This is why we have free education and everyone has the opportunity to learn. The government must increase support for children's education and livelihood plans for families at risk or engaged in child labor. This step can indeed help stop the cycle of poverty and child labor. They should generate the lowest family income, and parents will ban their children on the street or sell them to survive. If we can help these families to get out of poverty and obtain a stable monetary income, many children will not have to work in these conditions. However, we must consider that the government will be the government that supports the system, and they may not be enthusiastic about supporting this idea, especially in developing countries.

In summary, the relationship between education and child labor is the negative impact of child labor in schools. Child labor deprives all children of the opportunity to learn and enjoy childhood. To stop this problem, parents must support their children's education and the government must increase the rights of every child, especially their right to education. Children are the future of our world and their knowledge will make our world full of vitality and prosperity.

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