Essay on How Did Gandhi Gemonstrate Perseverance

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To him, every illness was but a breach of some unknown law of nature. As against the doctrine of majoritarian democracy, every issue to him needed to be judged from the touchstone of morality rather than in terms of numbers. Though Gandhi appeared very frail, he was a man of extraordinary courage, determination, and perseverance in the face of adversity. He had an original mind which probed into the matrix of human problems. His magnetic personality could command the loyalty of men and women of diverse temperaments and differing intellectual endowments. What is necessary is a scientific and systematic assessment of the theory and practice of Gandhi and his socioeconomic and political impact and contemporary relevance to mold the development of Indian health infrastructure as per the Indian cultural and social milieu.

Expanding the scope and ambit of Article 21 of Part III of the Constitution of India and reading into it the Right to Health and Healthcare, to provide socioeconomic entitlements to people, a matter of fact leads us on to the road to nowhere. It creates hierarchies of communities and also tantamount to conflicting with the sovereignty of the nation-state and promotes the West-led idea of capitalism and consumerism. It leads to more curative health provisioning, needing more numbers of healthcare professionals and healthcare establishments to solve the health problems of the population. This in turn leads to rising costs of treatments and insurance premiums. The more we focus on the “rights-based approach”, the more conflicts it results in. Defensive medicine practiced by physicians and litigation cost in malpractice cases add to hierarchical structures created in the healthcare delivery system and it adversely affects the achievement of SDG-3 which aims to include all global citizens through national legislation.. In the alternate, robust public health, which the modern welfare state governed by the thick conception of the rule of law is bound to ensure for its subjects, decreases the healthcare expenditure on disease and cure and in the long run, ensures healthy population and more productivity of the nation. The concept of Universal Healthcare Coverage and its Indian version, Ayushman Bharat, goes one step ahead of the Right health entitlements approach for individuals and ensures healthy and productive people, health for all, entailing less financial risks because of healthcare costs and less number of people pushed in penury not being able to afford the out of pocket spends on health.

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