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Leadership Development in the Missionary Work

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The challenges of today's leadership are many and it is difficult to define which are the most hostile. Taking the Gospel to the unreached is the greatest challenge facing the leader. We need a fresh vision for leader in the 21st century for each of our beloved nations that are made up of individuals, families, communities and a mosaic of races, language, religious traditions and cultures, a vision that is born out of the biblical world view and honors Jesus Christ, Lord of our nations. The hope is for the leadership development to diligently learn from the past, and creatively chart the future of Christian mission through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

In the pages of the Bible, I discovered Jesus Christ as the perfect leader. He was the greatest leader who ever lived because He was the greatest leader who ever walked the earth. This research paper has expected to understand the leadership aspect how important in missionary work. Leadership developments are especially important in light of the challenges that face us as we move into the twenty-first century.

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Most people believe that the life is a struggle between good and evil. There is good in the world and there is evil. The world itself seems to be a battleground between the two forces. There are many different standards of morality. Though all the major religions refer to this cosmic battle between good and evil, their descriptions of this battle and the prescribed remedies differ. Can life be simplistically divided into the battle between two different kingdoms, and two different types of leadership?

I would like to propose some ways in which reflection on these topics can shape the leader’s perspective of own role, and the place of other believers as followers and potential leaders. Jesus focused on teaching the disciples how to follow those instructions on how to lead. The most important lesson for leaders to learn is that they are first sheep, not shepherds. Historically, a biblical model of leadership informs the leadership vision and efforts to bring about spiritual transformation, social change and justice in the community. Abraham, Moses, Saul, David, Nehemiah, the Hebrew prophets, and Jesus are biblical models of leadership from which the leader has drawn its inspiration and commitment to the dream of God.

Leadership must be the leadership of the Church in the true spirit and authority of Jesus Christ. Philip Greenslade says “Any move towards leadership is a move towards the Lord Jesus Christ. To lead is to serve.” This is our basic proposition, first lesson and chief ambition. We first learn to be leaders by learning to be servants. This is the only model and style of the world’s greatest leader, the Lord Jesus Christ. The emphasis in leadership circles will be on serving people and being stewards of the earth’s resources. The global community must recognize that without God’s help, His wisdom and empowering, the future is very bleak indeed. On the other hand, if Christians begin to act as the best servants and stewards the world has ever seen, entire nations will be affected through the power of the Gospel. Servant leadership is the greatest need that the world has at this hour and the church is uniquely postured to practice it worldwide.

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