McCarthyism and Mass Hysteria as a Driving Force of Social Change

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Look at 1600 to the 1950s and then compare them to the current times, and it is clear that this community has made some drastic changes to the laws that govern humanity, social behavior, education levels and one major change is in the law and system. The many displays of accusations without evidence that turned into court cases and many of which the accused ended up being found guilty. This act is called McCarthyism. McCarthyism is defined as “ to accuse someone or an establishment without any evidence against them to help support your argument” some say McCarthyism along with the great Depression would lead to one of the world's great catastrophes World War II. McCarthyism was a greater display in the 1600s with many of the accusations being about witches displayed in the play ‘The Crucible’. The play about how young women go into the woods with a slave who is chanting in a foriegn language with is to her praying. In their village dancing is prohibited so when one of the girls' fathers found out. He confronts her about it causing her to lie and lead to a mountain of other lies. She gained the trust of everyone in the village by acting like she could and her companions she convinced to aid her by threatening their lives. Her position in power and accused villagers of being witches with no hard evidence to make her life easier. John lewis attempts to help the village and rid them of their trickery but fails and their community ends up going mad and will eventually fall.

The theme of “the Crucible' is McCarthyism and hysteria together can cause sane society or go corrupt and fall if not stop. Hysteria supplants the formal system and empower populate to suppose that their neighbors, whom they have always considered upstanding people, are committing false and unbelievable crimes converse with the demon or like killing babe, and so on. In act three, Paris reverence that John Proctor will disprove Abigail's accusations which would cause his and Abigail's image to be poor within the town. So he accuses John of essay to overthrow the court to attempt to diminish his credibility. “They've come to overthrow the court, sir!”. When judge Danforth points Francis Nurse approximately the ask and attempt to cause in the people that had signed the v. This causes Nurse to solicitude for what he has caused his friends and associate denizens. “I have brought trouble on these people; I have…'. Miller wrote this play to show and compare the 1600s, and the 1950s to show how closely society was to insanity and corruption. He used McCarthyism and Mass hysteria as core examples to focus on. Society should use hard evidence or at least any evidence at all to win arguments to not cause corruption in society.

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McCarthyism was given to the U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin produced a order of investigations and hearings during the 1950s in an effort to expose supposed communist infiltration of various areas of the U.S. control. The word has since grown a byname for defamation of disposition or reputation by indicating widely publicized heterogeneous allegations, particularly on the basis of unsubstantiated impeach. This was shown in the bargain the decade of danger “were accused of improperly using their influence to get preferential assignments for a former McCarthy aide, David Schine, who had been drafted into the military” accusing others with no hard concrete evidence would prove to collapse Mccarthy’s career.

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