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Significance And Power Of Education In Sherman Alexie’s Superman And Me

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People are both the goals and motivations for social development. In order to develop, society need to take care of human factor physically and mentally. Especially learning about the world around them so that they can contribute to building and improving society. Education has held an important role in the human lives nowadays. When talking about education and school, book is one of the most essential materials should have always carried in student’s backpack. Reading book is the first step to pick up new vocabularies. Reading is also a passionate and motivate of Alexie as it impacts too many people lives including himself, why he came back to teach children at his old school and the important of a role model for the next generations, by reading “Sherman Alexie’s Superman and Me“.

Reading has always a passionate and motivate of Alexie as it have changed his own life. Alexie’s full name is Sherman J. Alexie Jr. He was born in 1966. He grew up in Spokane Reservation in Washington state. He graduated Washington State University and has published eighteen books including the book named “Superman and Me” published in 1997. Alexie learned how to read book when was young, younger than others. He loved reading by the inspiration of his father, who was a avid reader of westerns. From the text “My father loved books and since I loved my father with an aching devotion, I decided to love books as well”. This was the time that indicate Alexie started reading book with passionate. He described that when he first picking up from his father’s books, that he was first understand and realized about the paragraph. He described “a paragraph was a fence held words”, and also he was seeing the world as a paragraph as well. “I read the books I borrowed from the library. I read the back of cereal boxes. I read the newspaper”; He read anything, anywhere and from everything that had words. Reading has huge impact to him when he was a little kid and it has changed his life that he became a writer.

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Since Indian children expected to be stupid, he made out of that system, he came back to prove that they were wrong, he had made it and let everyone knows that he could write novels, short stories or even poems, he was a writer. By the text “I refuse to fail. I was smart. I was arrogant. I was lucky”. He stood up and fought for himself no matters it was being destined to fail. Alexie broke the stereotype. “They look at me with bright eyes and arrogant wonder. They are trying to save their lives”. Alexie was trying to reach out to children like himself, he tried to give hope to the people who have the same aspect of situations just like he had before, he tried to break it by going to each classrooms of school to spread the inspirational. He just wanted to let young students to know that education is crucial and they need that to change the world perspective about Indian children.

A role model is an influence person, it can be a friend, a family member or a person we met once out there on the street that had a good advised to us and changed life. After I have read the essay, I realized that Alexie had a great dad, a perfect influenced person since he was just born. In my opinions, Alexie’s father was the first person that give him the idea of becoming a consistent person, and a good writer. Alexie was also a intelligent kid, a brave kid, he fought with his class mates to just proving his points. Alexie had pretty much knowledge about literature because he felt in love with reading, he educated himself more through books he read, he knows that education would open a new window for his life as well as others. I think Alexie was very confident about doing against what others were doing. Others were too scared and down-grading themselves to just survived. Alexie became a role model for others to follow to find out the ways for saving their own lives.

After reading the Superman and Me written by Sharman Alexis, we can tell that how important education was, and the power of itself. Alexie did a great job in his life by influencing young students about standing up to get over the struggles and take education seriously. It is a tool and weapon to change life.

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