To Kill A Mockingbird: What To Love Atticus Finch For?

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Why are we still living in a world where racism, mistreatment and prejudice still occur daily? Its 2019 and its time to change, it’s time to take a stand and defend those who can’t speak for themselves. That’s what a hero would do, wait, no, that’s what Atticus Finch would do. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee published on the 11th of July 1960 is a novel written about a child’s view on the Great Depression era. Children tell everything as they see it; this is why the novel was based off of a child’s point of view, to let the audience get an insight on the Great Depression, even the little details about it too.

Atticus Finch defies all of the laws and controversy about African Americans by standing up and defending Tom Robinson, Tom Robinson is a twenty-five year old African American who is married with three children. In the novel Tom Robinson was sent to court with suspicions of raping Mayella Ewell, in his case Atticus Finch served as Robinsons defence attorney. In the novel Tom Robinson had no chance of his innocence being proved, after all it was 1930 and which story was the jury going to believe; the normal one about a black man raping a white woman, or the disgusting one about a black man helping out a white woman?

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Why are we still living in a divided world where white people get more advantages than black people? Why do we treat them differently? It’s unfair and cruel. Racial division has always been the predominant theme of the American society as shown in To Kill a Mockingbird (1960) and still to this day.

“In our courts, it’s a white man’s world against a black man’s, the white man always win.” (Chapter 23) The key issue gathered from Harper Lee’s novel is that the American Legal System was and still is unfair to the people of colour. Lawyers find loop holes within the system to manipulate the law to make a favourable decision for the person whom they represent. This is why people say ‘find a good lawyer’ due to the fact that if you can afford a good lawyer the decision made will be favourable on your behalf however for those who cannot afford a good lawyer the decision will be unfair and biased even to those who are innocent. The legal system doesn’t treat people equally; it treats them based off of their wealth.

If the novel was written differently and Tom Robinson did not have Atticus Finch as his defence attorney then the whole story would have been different, especially for Tom. He would have been crumbled up and thrown away like a piece of paper.

Many people believe Atticus Finch is a hero for what he did, Atticus didn’t have to defend Tom Robinson, but he did. In Atticus’ mind Tom’s trial means more than proving his innocence and it means more than a referendum on racism within Maycomb. It was about the fairness of the American legal system. Atticus argues for equality within the system and society. In the novel Atticus is brave, he isn’t scared that people will hurt him, he is more concerned about the safety of his kids. He is an altruistic man.

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