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Before the Third Reich in Germany, the general population was on the brink of acceptance of cultural diversity within the entire country of Germany. The governing body of Germany at the time known as the Weimar republic allowed the expansion of creative expression throughout the country that was not expressed under the monarchy that had governed the country before. In 1933 the possibility of this occurring began to vanish with the new rise of Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor of...
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The 1900s was a decade of great complications and obstacles for Germany. During the 1900s, World war 1 and World war 2 commenced, harming the German economy and social life to a great extent. Millions lost their lives and the mayhem witnessed was awful and unappealing. Well, that’s not all the mass destruction of cities and the inadequate public provisions were appalling. However, in order to get a clear understanding of this topic let's separate the 1900’s into 2 parts-...
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The sheer torment and carnage in WWI brought home a ‘frontline generation’ of men ultimately scarred from personal and national loss. For many veterans, their fundamental beliefs and thoughts had been forever changed. Born out of political and social anguish and culture of the missing identity of Germany, Dada is a clear reflection of a protest movement with an anti-establishment manifesto. The liberal experiment in Weimar Germany was at the forefront of this experimentation of new ideas and movements, providing...
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The Interwar Period saw the rise of Adolf Hitler, conceivably the most narcissistic tyrant of the twentieth century. Not only did his incredible addresses grow Nazism and his domineering authority, but also his manipulating uses of propaganda and inducement, enforcing his convictions amongst the German public. 1918-1939 was an era of significant changes, which turned from a prosperous ‘Golden 1920s’ to an economic depression in the ’30s. This ruinous downturn was widely blamed on the Weimar Republic government, due to...
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By 1918, four years into World War 1 it was becoming increasingly evident that Germany would be defeated. Adding to the impending defeat, the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II, the growing resentment of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, and the establishment of the new Weimar Republic Government were all vital factors that contributed to Germany experiencing political, economic, and social instability between 1918-1923. Germany would have been defeated in 1917 if it had not been for Russia’s surrender...
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