Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Dating

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There is an increase in the number of people looking for life partners through online dating platforms. Nowadays, dating is often online and not formal, as it was in the past. Social media has also provided a way for family and friends to keep in touch, even though they are hundreds of miles away. It might seem there is a lot of opportunity on such websites, but reality is far different from what it seems. I believe that it has both advantages, as well as serious drawbacks.

Throughout today's world, the idea of dating has definitely changed and it has taken many ways, from traditional dating to online dating. Traditional dating can be a lot of fun: doing stuff together and trying to get to know each other personally. You can see him/her in different situations in life as you physically spend time with your date. Also, it is easier to feel the “chemistry” on face-to-face date. But now, most people do not have the time to step out for a date. So nowadays, teenagers especially are searching online for their partners. They begin to lose the true idea of love and feel more comfortable about the internet dating process. There are several benefits of online dating. By meeting individuals online you maintain a strategic distance from the nervousness of meeting the individual face-to-face. But online you can take cover behind a PC screen until you become acquainted with that individual. Many online dating sites supply numerous varieties of temperament testing and matching. These pairing may help guide persons who may be more matched with dating partners. There are several success tales about married or engaged couples meeting online. However, the internet has created a lot of new opportunities for us; it has also created negative effects.

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Evaluating a person on the basis of their social media posts can lead to misrepresentation. Online dating may be a drawback when the relationship is only on online and does not include any physical communication. Consequently, most of the people in online miss out non-verbal communication like voice, pauses and actual laughs. Moreover, online dating services can be dangerous because of the users who use them. Some people with ill intentions are also using these platforms for their own purposes. So, most people on the internet admitted they lie during dating. The most popular things to lie about are their names, marital status, location and appearance. According to Lori Gottlieb, the author of the article How Do I Love Thee? says, “Women tend to lie in their profiles about their weight and their age. And men tend to lie about their height and how much hair they have. That just seems to be a given. But there are other things that people may lie about as well—and I use the word “lie” loosely. They may answer questions in a way that’s sort of fudging the truth a little bit…” Also breakups in internet relationship are also easy with blocking, deleting and unfriending from the account. In face-to-face dating there is possibly a more apparent form of rejection, but with the wall of a pc screen, the blows to self-esteem can be lessened.

Sawchuck (2013) says that “Judging what you learn without cross-referencing it with the person is a recipe for misinterpretative disaster” (p. 250). The article goes on to say that online dating steps begin with searching across a person's Profile, choosing if you've been looking for a date or a friend, and then browsing Google. It is challenging for one to tell if a man or woman actually is who they say they are. For example, one may be dating a criminal who removes the bit of information from his account conveniently and also updates his photo. It might be too late when you find out. The article focuses on how dating platforms brings dangers from the traditional in-person environment. Online dating can cause lack of social skills among people especially on teenagers. They have a tendency to continue to be in the encircles of their homes to socialize with online friends or dates. They are not developing the skills to go out to approach someone as their partner. Along with the growth of dating apps, probabilities of finding a date appear to be ever-increasing. Nevertheless, there are also more direct dangers of interpersonal and mental problems that go along with online dating.

In conclusion, I believe that it has both advantages, as well as serious drawbacks. Although, carelessness when dating online could be a recipe for a disaster. Understanding how dating sites may impact personal relationships, both pro and con, has several consequences for the rest. Trying to increase the social skills among people in in-person can remove your nervousness of meeting the individual face-to-face. There is no way to completely eradicate the hazards of the internet, but there are ways to reduce them substantially. With the background checks security feature, the fake account issue or the lies about their account would be eliminated. Indeed the opportunities of online dating allow more people to meet their one real love or life partner than ever before. So be careful with our own lives and try to understand the true feeling of pure love with meeting our partners face-to-face.

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