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Is Internet Dating Harmful? Essay

When someone hears the word love, images flood the mind of Shakespearian tragic tales, star crossed lovers; from moments of happy little accidents and fate, to first kisses and fairy-tale princess endings. Never until now, have we thought to add swiping left or right, ticking ‘yes’ or ‘no’, entering one’s requirements as a means to finding your true love. It sounds as much of a paradox as arranged marriages. Internet dating to me to seems to be unsafe, unproductive and...
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Long-Distance Dating Relationships are a Bad Idea

Long-Distance Dating Relationships (LDDR’s) do no work! LDDR’s have become an ongoing phenomenon in our society today through social media. There’s a lot that goes into studying if these types of relationships work or not. Many people find it hard just to be separated from their significant others while some find it makes their relationship stronger. There is no definite answer to this type of dating relationship style to say if it’s effective or not but I can tell you...
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Rogerian Argument on Traditional Dating Versus Digital Dating

Many researchers such as Lara Hallam, who has a PhD in Department of Communication Studies at University of Antwerp, where she works in relationship studies states that: “people have always used to used intermediaries such as mothers, friends, priests or tribe members to find a suitable partner”. Digital dating is defined as the use of technologies such as texting, video calls, social media networking and dating websites to find a suitable partner or relationship. With the evolution of digital multimedia...
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Dating Violence Among Adolescents

Description of Psychosocial Issue What is dating violence? Dating Violence is controlling, abusive, and aggressive behavior in a romantic relationship (Banyard,2008). It includes verbal, nonverbal, emotional, physical, sexual abuse and or a combination. Every relationship is different but what unhealthy and abusive relationships have in common is power and control. Violent words and actions are tools an abusive partner uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner. Dating Violence is very common. Any young person can experience...
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The Effects Of Constant Communication Access And Teen Dating Violence

Abstract This paper examines over fifteen published articles that report on teen dating violence and computer mediated communication. This paper explores research conducted on teen dating violence, cyberbullying and cell phone use to evaluate how the availability and ease of constant communication in this new digital age influences teen dating violence. Many of the studies examined used surveys of teens in American public schools to look at how electronic communication, cyber bullying, and digital lifestyle play a role in teen...
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How Has The Internet Changed The Dating Industry?

The Internet has taken over the world and has revolutionized many different aspects of society this includes the dating industry. Looking throughout history, dating has taken many forms depending on the era. We have evolved from formal courtships to meeting potential lifelong partners via an online site or dating app. The Internet has made it possible to meet someone new within a matter of hours as long as you and the person on the other end both swipe right. The...
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Technical, Legal And Ethical Aspects Of Apps For Online Dating

Introduction In this social media age, almost every entity depends on social media for marketing purposes. People buy and sell things on social media, get information about anything and also remain connected with distant relatives and friends through social media platforms. But there is one thing that makes me curious is – finding love through social media. There are many online dating apps as well sites which help people find someone according to their requirements. In earlier times, people used...
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Privacy And Consequences Of Online Dating

Searching for true love is hard and the process of looking for someone compatible can be frustrating, lonely and overwhelming. By digitalising love, technology has made the process as convenient and efficient as possible, reducing the uncertainty an individual may face. Who knows, your next swipe might be your soulmate. Living in this digital age, dating now serve as a means for people to connect and build relationships. Millions of relationship seekers are using popular dating apps such as Tinder,...
3 Pages 1209 Words

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Online Dating

There is an increase in the number of people looking for life partners through online dating platforms. Nowadays, dating is often online and not formal, as it was in the past. Social media has also provided a way for family and friends to keep in touch, even though they are hundreds of miles away. It might seem there is a lot of opportunity on such websites, but reality is far different from what it seems. I believe that it has...
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Dating Apps & Social Media: Are They Building Or Breaking Relationships?

Here we are again. The season of love, gifts, chocolates and tears. Yes tears, not everyone is as happy you’d expect. But that’s just it. There comes a time when you are either in a relationship or as Emma Watson (Hermione from Harry Potter) would put it, ‘self-partnered’. It’s Valentines and like it or not, love is in the air. It’s during Valentines that some want to show that extra bit of love. This is the time when being single...
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