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Analysis of Fatimah Chik's Islamic Artwork ‘Series Sejadah: Subuh’

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The Malaysian contemporary Islamic arts artist that had been choose are Fatimah Chik. Fatinah Chik has earned a reputation, as one of Malaysia’s more significant middle-generation artists. During the late 1960s Fatimah Chik was trained initially as a textile designer at the MARA School of Art and Design in Kuala Lumpur. After she began doing an experiment about symbolic textile traditions of the southeast Asian region, she attempted to transplant the traditions craft-oriented influences onto new art forms, ore suited to the contemporary fine art contexts.

Fatinah Chik abstract art works rich with texture, ornate and decorative. Fatimah Chik also has developed a unique style of abstract painting that is clearly recognizable today as being all her own.

There a few researches about the artist artwork that had been chosen, but still there are some researches, writing and publication about the artist artwork that can be considered as significant. The aim of this research is to find out the meaning and understanding of the work about Fatimah Chik's contemporary Islamic artwork. The research questions will be:

  1. Who is the Malaysian artist that created contemporary Islamic Artwork ‘Series Sejadah: Subuh’?
  2. What kind motifs of Batik that the artist implements in ‘Series Sejadah: Subuh’?
  3. What is the significant of the Fatimah Chik artwork ‘Series Sejadah: Subuh’?

The methodology that had being used in to analyze this artwork is Semiotic theory. The semiotic theory consists to study of work of art signs and symbols, either individually or grouped in sign system that give more insight from the artwork and also the meaning that the artist wanted delivered to the audience. Semiotics theory is making the art analysis that can translate a picture from an image to a word. Signs take the form of words, images, sound, flavors acts or object.

Definition of Islam and Islamic Art

According Ki Hajar Dewantara art is the beauty that can stir the feelings of people who see it beautiful, because it can affect the human act can cause such a wonderful feeling of art.

Definition of Islam has several meanings, amongst them are submitting and obeying, and Islam meaning that ordering of thing by advance payment. In terminology, Islam means submitting of oneself to Allah by worshipping Him alone, obeying His commands in performing righteous deeds, and abandoning shirk and making the one committing shirk as enemy.

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Islamic art is a continuation of art in the past which has been developed and embodied by the concept of tauhid high to Allah s.w.t. Islamic art has its own unique and unique historical heritage. Islamic art continues to flourish in its Islamic-oriented form and philosophy which emphasizes parallels with the demands of tawhid and syara.


Geometrical Shape

The geometrical that has been separated is showing the square shape, in this artwork have many repetitions on square shape. According to geometry in Islamic Art and Architecture square have its own meaning of symbols in Islam that refer to Physical experience and physical world. Besides that, according to Carol Bier in his writing state that “geometrical been suggested that geometric pattern and interlace may make allusions to paradise, while serving an apotropaic protective function”.

Evolution of Geometric Patterns

The geometrical shape is combining and repeat unit known as arabesque geometrical pattern. Combined geometrical shape also giving and meaning for harmony and unity in Islamic perspective.

Traditional Motif

Flora batik motifs can be seen from right, left, top and bottom. This flora motifs look similar to 'Pucuk Rebung' motifs that have decorated as a border. This flora batik motifs refer to the Malay traditional and also refer to Malay identity. In Islamic view, pattern or motifs that can be used only geometrical and flora, but animal is forbidden to use it.

Traditional Geometrical Batik Motifs

In Fatimah Chik 'Subuh' artwork can define that have Traditional geometrical Batik motif that has been decorate as a border. The repetition and arrangement of Batik geometric motif can create the unity and harmony. In Geometrical motif in the artwork, we can see that there had created a new shape, Triangle shape shown the symbols to human and principles of harmony referring to researcher reading.


As a conclusion, the artist tried to deliver the message about the responsivity as a Muslim to performing five-time prayer Subuh, D’Zuhur, Asar, Maghrib, and Isyak. Besides that, the artist also shown the unique about Malay tradition and the Malay traditional motif that have deep meaning in social and also Malay belief. Art has powerful message and become substance that connect the of creator with another soul that is the appreciator or observer.

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