Analysis of William Wordsworth's Poem 'I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’

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The poem may additionally moreover start on a pretty unhappy be mindful when the speaker claims that he “wandered lonely as a cloud”, then again the tone of the poem hastily grew to boost to be joyful, when he spies a crew of daffodils “fluttering and dancing in the breeze”. He declares that with such a sight “a poet ought to no longer on the different hand be gay”, in unique when he is in such “jocund company” as the several daffodils tossing their heads in sprightly dance. It is virtually later, though, that he genuinely appreciates the richness of this first-rate sight. When the speaker is in the “vacant mood” the picture of daffodils flash in his “inward eye”, and his coronary heart is stuffed with pleasure and delight. In the taking off being shut to daffodils he used to be once in a melancholic mood then once more at the furnish up of the poem the poet being away from the daffodils is overwhelmed and extremely glad with happiness and he regards the daffodils as the wealth of his future which makes him happy.

The poetic structure of ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ is composed of four stanzas of six traces each. It is an adherent to quatrain- couplet rhyming style, A-B-A-B-C-C. Every line conforms to iambic tetrameter. The poem flows akin to a deliberate music in a rhythmic shape. ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’ has an enormously simple structure that suits it’s straight ahead and folksy theme and language. It consists of four stanzas with six traces each, for a complete of 24 lines. The poem is consisted of exclamation marks, the poem can be scanned if one wishes to do so.

The most mounted troubles in this poem are overcoming feelings of disappointment and the beauty of nature. It is thanks to the elegance of a place of daffodils that the poet takes place upon that he is capable to go away his thoughts of despair behind. Another theme if this poem is nature and human involvement in nature beauty. It is additionally elements to every special themes. The have an effect on of nature on a human. The poem encompasses the thoughts of an adults, at the identical time as he meanders over the hills and how this unexpected incidence is a blessing in his solitude. The never-ending row of these enthralling flora impresses him so a magnificent deal that he compares them with the glowing stars of the galaxy.

Poetic devices are moreover used in this poem imagery. The use of imagery makes the reader visualized writer’s emotions and emotions. In this poem the speaker had used images beautiful ‘lonely as a cloud’, a ‘crowd’ by way of using way of no ability ending line, ‘milky way’ and ‘jocund agency’. These descriptions help the reader to consider about or feel the equal pleasure felt by means of skill of the speaker. The cautious glimpse of this distinction suggests that the poet has skillfully projected his ideas the use of these literary devices. Their super use has made this poem meditative and thoughtful for the reader.

We also discover out metaphor in this poem the speaker has used one metaphor in the closing stanza: “They flash upon that inward eye”. Appropriate proper right here ‘inward eye’ represents the sweet memory of daffodils.

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Simile is a laptop used to research about one object to any one-of-a-kind to assist readers apprehend or to clarify the which capability the use of ‘as’ or ‘like’ there are two similes used with the aid of way of the utilization of the speaker in this poem, ‘I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud’. The speaker compares his used loneliness with a single cloud. The second is used in the opening line of the 2nd stanza, “continues as the stars what shine”. Here the speaker compares the endless row of daffodils with limitless stars.

Alliteration is the repetition of the identical consonant sounds in the equal consonant sounds in the equal traces of the poetry. Here is this poem we realize alliteration in line 17 the g' sounds in “I gazed and gazed” and the use of the w' sound in line 18 of the poem it says, “what wealth the exhibit to me had brought”.

Personification are additionally being used in this poem. In the 2nd stanza line 12 “let suggests heads and sprightly dance” shows that daffodils are human beings that can dance in outstanding strategies the daffodils are given human qualities. And moreover, in line thirteen of the 13 stanza “on a jound company”. Here the speaker viewed the daffodils as his buoyant company.

The language that is used in this poem is English. The language of the first traces is restrained and simple, organizing a journey of calm that is disrupted by way of the usage of potential of the ecstatic pleasure of the daffodils shocking appearance.

The poem follows the ABABCC rhyme scheme, the local the first line rhymes with the third. And the second line rhymes with the fourth traces respectively. The last two traces of every stanza rhyme like the end of a Shakespearean sonnet, so each and every and each and every stanza feels independent and self- sufficient. This is identified as a ‘rhyming couplet’. There do not appear to be even any slant rhymes.

The speaker has nailed the poem from the opening to the cease at first the speaker wasn’t completely satisfied and he felt loneliness on the other hand in the furnish up we find out the speaker without a doubt really completely comfy and overjoyed. The use of sound devices, paragraphs even the poem is very clear and has a large which means that you get when you have a look at it, the language that is used is perfect, figures of speech are there accordingly. It is an extraordinarily suitable poem indeed.

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