Anthropology In Works Of Zora Neale Hurston

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Anthropology gave an opportunity to Zora Neale Hurston to learn with appropriate methods. Her skills helped her to think differently, out of the box, during her research. Modern critics did not understand Zora and her train of thought. Many condemned her for wanting black people to fight for their rights but at this time they just whined and did their job. Spencer (2004) found “Dominant culture had certainly told her that the black folk she grew up with were poor, illiterate, submissive, and dependent and that their folkways represented unsophisticated, low culture” (p.17). She was not someone who divided people into classes and even if she was told about it she believed that people are quite self-sufficient who deserve more without looking at the class division and no matter what class a person is from. And it was anthropology that became the door to its further direction. She was accused of simplifying or exaggerating black culture. In her stories, she had a town of black people with own rules and where they respect themselves. She always had a message to something all her stories had a purpose and due to this the contribution of Zora Neale Hurston to gender, religion, masculinity and race was great. Zora Neale Hurston created everything in balance and all her characters in a positive way do everything. And even in spite of her social status, her skin color should have been plentiful. This was Zora Neale Hurston tactic. She admired male and their behavior and she grew up in family where she did not like Christian God. She was interested in Gods and she compared the relationship between male literature and female literature. Zora Hurston related to men and women which she created.

Neale had a political place and she worked in political period when black society was considered as a low class. Many black writers thought and supported the ideology that black people themselves in the distant past brought this problem upon themselves and were themselves to blame for it. There was a fight with whites because of racism. The struggle is within blacks even when some blamed others. Black people were also divided as black elites and the poor. And it was the black elites who supported the whites in their ideas and they didn't give poor black people the right to anything. In this article author compared Zora Neale Hurston and Richard Wright, Wright, like Zora, wanted to destroy discrimination about black people. The author mentions that for Zora everything she wrote was based on her life experience. At that time, for Wright, the South meant frustration and pain. Richard, none of the parties did not bring alternatives or choice to him. Although Wright and Hurston shared similar views in this respect their political point of view was very different. She thought that the concept between black and white people is different. She had a view of black people life and Zora wanted achieve equality between two classes. All her works were by her own experience.

This resource describes the twentieth century and changes in this period. It was during these times that there were all these stereotypes about femininity and masculinity, how a woman should behave, what she should do. And another main thing understands religion and how people treated it. Zora herself is equal to such qualities as men have that is, some of their skills she wants for herself. The author mentions her conflict with her father that she did not want to be just a helpless little girl and she did not like it. The contribution of Zora Neale Hurston to gender, religion, masculinity and race. In turn, the personification of men is sexuality and strength. Religion and masculinity in her opinion were very different while the Church demands something quite different and masculinity in literature is something else. From an early age she was allowed to read books about religion and this was very different from what she thought afterwards. It was her interest in religion that drew her to Voodoo and Haiti. How people in this country perceive Voodoo. She admired male and their behavior and she grew up in family where she did not like Christian God. She was interested in Gods and she compared relationship between male literature and female literature.

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Mules and men is a part Zora Hurston research. It was through this book that she spoke about the role of women and how they suffer. How white men humiliated and raped black women using them as toys. She wanted to reach out and she was talking about hoodoo. Let's go back to Haiti and Jamaica as the beginning of everything was hoodoo and all this was to help them. The birth of women and all equality. She had a survey on female empowerment and hoodoo. Mental and physical strength of a person Zora is looking for these aspects in all women who want to help and hoodoo in this beginning. Mental and physical strength of a person Zora Neale Hurstone is looking for these aspects in all women who want to help and hoodoo in this beginning. This is how people could balance their inner selves. The world is a place where everyone plays this kind of ideology in hoodoo. A place where everything is balanced and good. Zora Neale established the beginning of African Hoodoo rely on Moses story. And the vision of this story principle of female empowerment. Female started to know better own role in own society.

The history of Voodoo and his root. Neale Hurston said that voodoo is a religion of all nations and look like paganism. Through anthropology, Zora Hurston was able to find ways to study Haitians and Jamaica. She went south and started her journey and started her research. And at first she was afraid and stopped her research for a while but then she came back. Neale Hurston also mentioned zombies in her stories and claimed to have seen them. She wanted to be in the middle between anthropology and literature and was going to find an approach to different readers so that they would understand. Even her voodoo books she wanted to write that way. Zora Neale Hurston travelled in South and goddess Erzulie of feminine which was new for her. She was a source for female power and through this Zora conveyed the significance of black women poets. It was hard for her to go back and ask to go back to her work. And it was in learning voodoo that she saw her aspects that helped her finish it. She had breaks but she kept it up. Zora Neale Hurston likes voodoo and wanted to humanize and herself.

Anthropological survey on folklore and Haiti by Hurston. She returned again and again to Haiti and Jamaica. And it's more about skin color to stop it. This Chapter describes how her research took place. All her reports to sponsors. And return to Haiti. It also refers to Boas and his attitude towards Zora. About the difficulties of getting funding for her research. Zora close to Haiti and where was telling about new bride whom prepared old women that she can pleasure in sexual contact. She discusses sex and attitude. She didn't like the anthropologist's attitude toward women, though she couldn't say anything. And that there was polygamy in Jamaica. She wanted to stop class division and relied mainly on each story, Zora had a special purpose and concept. Zora Neal was not a materialist, and taking up one study she was drawn to it and she wrote about the African culture of black people who wanted justice or just to be on an equal footing with white people. They tried to whiten themselves and their descendants these problems and her stories always highlighted this. She mostly talked about research and polygamy in Jamaica and about zombies in Haiti. Finally, there about other women anthropologists who back to Haiti were.

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