Civil Disobedience And Letter From A Birmingham Jail

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I will be talking about the works of Martin Luther King Jr. and Henry Thoreau. I will also be including my opinion on them.Thoreau first talks about how glad he is that people are fighting for what is right..He also talks about how people should not participate in the misleading government and then mentions how they are not being pressured to participate in the misleading government.Thoreau then talks about how a government is not really useful and doesn't really represent what people really think.He talks about how corrupt the government usually get and how abused it is.He also talks about how it would be better to have a government that doesn't really govern the people.

'Civil disobedience' was written by Henry Thoreau.He does civil disobedience himself in his daily life. He also prioritizes one's sense of right and wrong over the rule of law.He thinks that people shouldn’t follow the unjust government and also adds all the harm the government does and how it can’t be justified.He talked about the unjust government and the rules they had in Civil Disobedience.He also talked about how if he broke the unjust rules and was unjustly locked up in prison. He said “the true place for a just man is also a prison” while he was locked up.He took responsibility for breaking the law.Thoreau believed that reality exists only in the spiritual world, and the solution to people's problems was the free development of emotions .Henry believed in many spiritual and natural ideas.He would include this in restructuring towards a better government. He believed transcendentalism which means he was very optimistic and believed in the self.

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The 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' was written by Martin Luther King Jr. during the Birmingham protest of 1963. He wrote this when he was falsely arrested and sent to prison. He also wrote about many unjust things that were going on in that time period and how the people of color were treated.The primary aim of the 'Letter from Birmingham Jail' is to promote his organizations like the Civil Rights Movement. He also wrote it so that people wouldn’t use violent resistance for the injustice they felt. He replied to the numerous criticisms of his incarceration. He then introduced a set of methods to do a nonviolent campaign.What Martin Luther King Jr meant by civil disobedience is to have a peaceful protest against the injustice. Many people of the time used violence as a way to get freedom.He didn’t like violence and wanted to solve the unjust with a peaceful method.Using a peaceful method would bring more positive results than the violent method.

Civil disobedience is not protected by the first amendment. Individuals who participate in civil disobedience can be punished or charged. It is not protected under the First Amendment and it is regarded as unlawful.It is considered violating the law such that it has its pros and cons from both perspectives.Both of the literature works have common civil issues during their time period. They both speak about how unfair the government is. They all have similar but different reasoning for their aim.Martin also has more views on nonviolent actions compared to Thoreau. Thoreau speaks further about the corrupt government and how horrible it was.I think that thoughts are still relevant in today's society. I think the issue is still relevant because it is still happening till this day. It got bigger recently because of the black lives matter movement.I support civil disobedience and I participate in many protests on many similar matters.

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