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Did The Nation Achieve The Goals That Douglass And Lincoln Desired?

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Douglass is the one who ended the slavery in united states of America and Abraham Lincoln had a big role in slavery because he helped them free slavery and he was the 16th president of united states he maintained the union during the civil war and speaking on Nation they probably achieved their goal because the one of the most important debate on slavery was done so there is no more slavery in America and constitution helped them to be free by law or government .

Douglass was born as a slave because his mother was a slave but he lived with his grand mother . he knew about slavery by reading a book called ‘ Columbian Orators ‘ which has a big role on his life . Lincoln was born in a poor family and he was self educated but federick douglass didn’t had a proper schooling and Lincoln had freedom which douglass didn’t had so it was harder for douglass to come front and he had a very hard time to gain the freedom as a black American . they have a common which they lived in same kind of society like violence around them .

They have helped each other a lot to be success in freeing slavery they have lincoln used his powers as commander in chief of the armed forces to issue the Emancipation Proclamation which means freeing all slaves in the rebel states of the confederacy. douglass was a abolitionist. douglass and Lincoln have became inspiration for many people for after the end of slavery . they were probably the most famous authors and Lincoln most famous president in 1800s and lincoln once said that touched my heart “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”. This what he did with douglass because he supported for free slavering he believed him and then he freed them .

Douglass first met him after Lincoln gradually moved toward a policy of emancipation. They both finally met at the White House on Aug. 10 , 1863, and although Douglass continued to have his disagreements with Lincoln over his policies toward blacks, the men developed a friendship based on mutual respect.

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Douglass wanted African americans or the black America to get paid same as the white americans in army as soldiers so Lincoln said every black soldier will get their fair wage as the white soldiers . Plantations in the South used sharecroppers instead of Black slaves to do the work on the plantations so that clearly means douglass goal was achieved .

Lincoln used his war power act to free slaves and provide military service to blacks and douglass he used his news papers to inspire them ( white people ) so they should respect black peoples rights . they should be counted equally as white peoples . their goal to ending slavery and how they ended ? they both oppesed slavery , they both used the language in convincing manner or persuasively and they both influenced many people to not follow the slavery and they did in different way they saved the union and uphold the constitution while opposing slavery so this means they maintained everything while freeing slavery .

Lincoln and Douglass were writers also they were successful as authors to they have written many books Douglass as a best seller book called narrative of the life of Douglass an American slave this books and Lincoln don’t wrote books but he was good writer and books talks about the american slavery and how Frederick Douglass and Lincoln ended the slavery legally. After slavery ended African American were also fought in the civil war as soldiers Douglass convinced Lincoln that slaves should serve in the union forces and that abolition of slavery should be the goal of this war after end of slavery Frederick Douglass became consultant of president Lincoln .

The nation achieved the goal by there desire of lincoln and douglass wanted because there is no more slavery in united states of America and they have equal participation in the society so constitution is the major support of ending the slavery. Douglass as a slave , as a self taught , and from poor family inspired America and Lincoln from poor background became the president of united states of America he was one of the president without a college degree and support black people and slaves .

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