Issues of Slavery in Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

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Although slavery was prominent hundreds of years ago, it is important to continue to dig in to the history that allowed us to be in the current success we have accomplished today. Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811-1896) was the daughter, sister, and wife of influential protestant ministers (p 245). She was an abolitionist with a powerful narrative that brought light to the realities of slavery to the Amerian people. Stowe’s infant son passing away, was a resolve that created the most powerful narrative of anti-slavery in Amercia.

Harriet Beecher Stowe’s purpose in the writing of Uncle Tom's Cabin brought awareness regarding the slavery of people, specifically women in the north. Her determination challenged those around her to view slavery through forming a different perspective that promoted antislavery through Christianity. In addition, Stowe’s strong principles in Christianity challenged the societal norms at the time. Her view on humanity helped her acknowledge the injustices that were acceptable at the time which was an uncommon course of action for a White woman living in the 19th century to take.

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Additionally, Reflections on Uncle Tom’s cabin were focused on the realities of slavery that included the physical aspects brought upon slaves by their masters. She wrote in order to empathize with the feelings of many other women who struggled during her time. Stowe even challenged Christians who followed inhumane practices to question their motives and faith. Stowe emphasizes how if men and Christians were on the other side they would be able to understand the other perspective including the ability to connect to the reality of this issue but because they are not able to step out of their own views they are blind to themselves. “Consequently she states, “, mothers of America,--- you who have learned, by the cradles of your own children, to love and feel for all mankind,--- by the sacred love you bear your own child;..-- I beseech you….” (245) In other words, she targets mothers and specifies how it’s a shame that white women don’t hold the same compassion for mothers who are women of color because despite the racial differences the white mother should be able to empathize with other women as mothers. Also the people causing this harm view slavery as a form of a commodity because it is seen as a profit because it not only helps them increase their economic status but at the expense of the people who are enslaved.

Overall, the main point of Harriet Beecher Stowe in the writing of Uncle Tom’s Cabin was to bring to light slavery to people in the north. Stowe challenged the status quo with her writing which was clearly controversial to American history in her time. She was unafraid to contradict ideologies on slavery and brought light to the realities of her Christian principles and humanity. We need more women like Stowe in the front lines fighting for the injustices of the people. It’s uncommon to see white people stand up for minorities let alone challenge the status quo. Stowe’s views on humanity are completely valid for the reason that humans are equal no matter the background. In the end it is evident that stowe’s purpose was to convey indifference among humanity. We are all one in the same.

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