The Themes in Uncle Tom’s Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin is a text written by Harriet Beecher Stowe’s. Basically, some might say that the text is racist and others might be anti-racist. In this specific essay, I will be giving out a few examples from the text stating my point of view which I think the text is racist. As stated in the text a farm owner named Arthur Shelby sells two slaves a man named Tom and a boy named Harry, to avoid losing his farm. When Harrys mother heard the new that’s her son will be sold, she decided to take him and runaway before all the selling thing happens. Meanwhile uncle Tom is taken and sold to New Orleans. Later on, the text continues with Uncle Tom with his slavery journey. The upcoming examples will show how racist will be rounding the text, and the treatment behind slavery with Uncle Tom.

Back then slaves racism, was spread all around the country, with time things started to get better and better causing slavery to not exist, but until this day we can see a few slaves, but not like the old days. To continue with Uncle Tom’s journey while he was on his way to New Orleans, Tom becomes a friend with a white girl named Eva and happen to be he saved her life. Eva’s father decided to buy Tom from the slave trader as a thank you for his heroic action to save his daughter. This type of action, where a white man was good to a slave, was a few people out there that happen to do it, it is good that Uncle Tom fell under him because at least he was treated good for two years.

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Unfortunately, when Eva’s father died Tom was sold to a man named Simon Legree. While living with Legree, Tom meets Cassy and Emmeline, in which Tom encourages them to run away. When Legree asks Tom to tell him where they escaped, Tom refused to tell him where they we and unfortunately, he got killed by Legree. This shows how if slaves, didn’t do what they are told to, they can be easily killed by a silly action. No humanity was towards them by the white people, and unfortunately millions and billions of slaves were killed back then.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written during a time period in which the American Dream was not a reality for all Americans. During that specific time slavery was still very much a part of American society and economy. Black slaves were treated as less than a whole person, as pieces of property to be bought and sold. Another thing is that the American society at that time believed that people with dark skin were kind off of a lesser value than those with white skin.

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