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Language Style In Religious Books And Media

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Language is a form of symbols and signs used by man in order to communicate with human beings, express his feelings, acquire knowledge, and language is one of the means of considerate among people and civilization, and each civilization / society have its own style of language, and the language is known as the sound symbols with compatible systems. In configurations, words, and / or sounds, they were basic elements of communication between people, community and separate communication. In Jain defined her as 'voices expressed by all people about their purposes.'

​Moreover, In Chaldean described it as 'I know that all languages are industry-like queens, as they are queens in the tongue for meanings, their quality and their limitations according to the empress's excellence and /or lack, were haven’t it for the reason that the vocabulary, but by observing at the compositions. In defined of the words, it as 'words that conversation with the names, the senses to be understood, and each nation has their own language'.

In short, Human language is an open and productive language, which means that it allows man to produce a wide range of speech from a limited set of characters, enabling him to create new words and sentences, which is possible because human language is based on a system of 'double-style', and means that it can be combined between a limited number of meaningless elements in themselves (such as sounds, letters or gestures) to form an infinite number of meanings (words and sentences).

Language Style in Religious Books

Furthermore, the religious and spiritual books were holy texts in numerous confidences and religions which they have perceived as focused on the faith of the religion itself. The mainstream of faiths and religious actions believe that their holy volumes have a divine origin or the forces beyond nature that have been somehow dissonance red or inspired.

The first-born ages recognized spiritual and holy text was those of the Pyramids, which are existent in ancient Egypt (2400-2300) BC. The initial age’s form of the Phoenician script comprised of religious and holy texts that were imprinted on the tomb of King Hiram I in The City of Jubail. The Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh (2150-2000 BC) is also one of the oldest literary works with many legendary figures.

Generally, The religious holy text books were no performance for a human actuality to create an alteration at all. Translations of religious texts usually receive formal reviews and blessings before they are published, yet the unique language style and linguistic of the text was typically the true and total reference to the text. Various faiths and religions variety their religious texts allowed of responsibility; others require payment and strict copyright restrictions.

The Qur'an, Muslims are entrusted with the three heavenly books (the books of Abrahamic religions) without working with their legislation, and consider the Qur'an to be an importance to them and to be pervaded with their legislature and do not effort excluding in the Qur'an.

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Language Style in Journalism

The language that is simple and clear, and far from the qualities of transcendence to readers or concave or strange, came to be called 'the health of the age' to distinguish it from the 'health of heritage', and the slang of intellectuals and illuminators, which was an university for the strength of the traditional and its honesty and clarity of jargon or /and easiness.

It is intended that words, sentences, compositions and linguistic expressions are consistent with the spirit of the times and consistent with its rhythm, long sentences, lexical words and complex condemns cannot be appropriate for the broadcasting and media language style excluding in convinced subjects and in specific situation. Furthermore the language style may be “Pure - difficult - suitable - appealing - mandate - flexibility – widening Scalability “.

Media and Arabic, the media performs a range of functions and roles such as: reporting, communication, awareness, education, education, recreation... It has a great influence on the audience of recipients and viewers, which have produced him significance in the growth structure of procedure of development, and it may be required for the media that it is the one of main and crucial elements that contributes to the shaping of society.

Language Style on Social Media

The use of Internet technologies and mobile technologies (telephone) to transform communication into interactive dialogue. The social media was a group on the website / internet or as applications which was created on the philosophical and technological foundations of the web, which allow the creation and sharing of user-generated content. Social media is a wide-ranging of group behindhand to communication societal. The social media has altered the way governments and organization conversation.

Social media was the modern progresses on the Internet, complemented with the appearance of many Web technologies. In general, many internet scientists point out that social media represents a big leap to communicate through the Internet more interactively than before.

There is a growing use of social media surveillance tools that allow marketers to search, track, analyze conversation on the Internet and investigate news about their brand, or about topics of interest. The user measures the return on investment, audits the competitor and the participation of the general public. Total tools from free basic applications, more in-depth, subscription-based tools.

In addition, The positive effects of language style on social media were the separated of it all over world and create a new style of language but it universal. Agreeing with creators, social media was used to text reminiscences, study and discover things, self-declaration and form friendships. For example, they claim that communication through web-based services is more private than in real life.

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