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The Mayan civilization was one of the greatest in Mesoamerica by far! They’ve had amazing achievements and hundreds of thousands of people living in their city-states. The Mayans even had advanced structures built of stone that the hands of laborers assembled. They created a number system that almost dictated their whole community and a calendar that we base ours on. But, all great things begin somewhere right? So, where or more so how did all of these accomplishments begin? They...
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The Maya developed land in North and Central America that we know as, “One of the most sophisticated and vibrant civilizations.” From their 365-day calendar to their advanced language, writing system, and architecture such as pyramids and burial mounds, the Maya were known for being very intelligent. They contributed many advancements to education like creating the notion of zero. They were also very religious and believed in human sacrifices. Some of the other activities that took place included rituals, aspects...
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The Mayan civilization originated from the Mesoamerican civilization. Mesoamerica is a historical and cultural place in North America. It extends from approximately central Mexico through Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. The Mayan civilization was one of the most powerful civilizations to ever exist in history in the region that is now known as Central America. The Mayans created huge stone temples and pyramids, elaborate artwork, and a complex system of Hieroglyphics. It was around 2000 BC to 250 AD...
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Many ancient civilizations have influenced the people and their traditions today. Two of the most influential past civilizations are the Mayans and Incas. Without these groups of people, the world would not be as advanced, or even organized as it is today. Ancient civilizations are the mold to our everyday lives, jobs, and even homes. Advancements such as technology, language, and holidays are derived from these civilizations and their accomplishments. The start of what we use today began in 250...
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The Mayan civilization left the inhabitants of the earth a message written in stone, with seven prophecies that warn us of several coming events, while giving us a message of hope. Although the Mayan calendar culminated on December 21, 2012, these so-called “prophecies” are still to be fulfilled or are already being developed. The message of hope tells us about the changes we must make in ourselves to push humanity towards the new era. If we don't do them, we...
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