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Methods of Persuasion: Critical Analysis

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Since by now we have a firm grasp of what persuasion is,let us now dive in head first on the various methods of persuasion that are available to us.these persuasion methods can often be classified using other namesas well as being reffered to in such ways as strategies of persuasion as well as their is important to note that there is not only one single method that may be used in order to persuade someonr to thinl and act in a desired wy.the manipulator is usually able to talk his victim in a way that they present a certain type of eveidence that is generaly geared towards switching the subjects mind,they may be able to use some sort of force or pull they have against the victim.this puts the victim in a position where they can perform some services for the victim or use another tactic.examples of thsse tactics will be discussed in the concurrent pages of this chapter.

Usage of force

The first method we shall talk about is that of usage of force.the manipulatormay decide to use some degree of force in order to sussesfuly persuade the victim into thinking in some specific type of way.this is however dependant on the situation at that particular moment. This is however seen to be deployed in instances where, both the ideas of the manipulator and the victim do not seem to match up, the type of conversation they are having don’t seem to bear fruit or where the subject seems to be irritated or frustrated with the turn the conversation has taken.this may be classified as a scare tactic by most since it gives the victim minimal time to think in a logical maner of the events that seem to be transpiring as opposed to when the victim is of a normal state of mind.a manipulator is normaly inclined to use force as a method of persuasion is usually when at that particular they may hhave hit a wall on their journey of persuasion.they may also result to this if the manipulator feesls as though he is loosing control of the grasp he had on the victim,or when the victim present them with solid eveidence of the manipulator contradicting themselves.

An experienced manipulator is kknowledgable of the fact that this is not realy the best tactic to use when they want to persuade a victim to o something.the reason for this is because victims will be ablr to detect the use of force since they will feel cornered by the mode of conversation they might be having at that moment.the main allure of usinf force is centered around the notion of the victim being able to chose their own is then after the deployment of of force that the option of having a choice is taken away.once the cictim feels threatened by this,they will most likely listen closely to what the manipulative individual is saying so as to point out the red flags in his is because of this very reason that using of force is to be used as a last resort of persuasion.

Weapons of influence

Another method of persuasion that can be used is by using the wepons of influence that are available .there are six main wepons of influence that have been developed and passed on by one individual by the name Robert cialdini.we shall discuss them in great depth below.


This is a wepon of influence that many people tend to be abit firmiliar with,but is often underestimated due to the basic definition of scarcity.if for one reason or another a particular idea or prodact has a limited time for which is available,it is most likely that a higher price will be attached to human beings we are usually obsessed with chasing after that which we cannot get.when this issue of scarcity surfaces,it will play out depending on the context it is used under.what this means is that it may prove to be advanteguious I certain senarios more than in others.there are two main reasons why this tactic is likely to be successful.the firs one is when products are usually abit too hard to find.these goods will likely have a higher value attached to them.people attribute the high price to the fact that they are rare to find.the second reason is is usually when something is not available as it noemaly has been.this makes the victim begin to have the feeling that they will miss out on the chance of a lifetime.once both of these have happened,the victim will begin to assign the service that is scarce a higher value simply since it is going to become abit hard to acquire.


This wepon will entail the manipulative individual will be motivated to work hard in making the victim like them.the reason for this is because once the victim likes this manipulative individual,there is usually more likely to say yes to them if ever they make any request.there are mainly two main factors that will contribute to how well the victim will like the manipulator

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Persuasion techniques

There are technicues that can be utilized so as to make persuasion more susessful.all victims is usually are usually presented with different forms of persuation on a daily basis.a food manufacturing plant will wprkk on getting their victims to purchase a new product,while a movie company will focus on persuading theur victims to watch their latest movie projects.there are three main techneces of persuasion that have been prevelant since the birth of this theme. These three techniques of persuasion that give the agent the most value and will be discussed in this section create a need, appeal to social needs, and use loaded images and words.

Create a need

This is one of the techneques that is often deployed by the manipulator so as to be able to get the victim to change their way of thinking.this creates a needor rather appeals to a need that is already pre-existing within the victim.if it is executed in a skilled way,the victim will be eating out of the persuaders palm in no time.what this means is that,the manipulator will need to tap into the fundamental needsof their victim like for example their need to self actualisation.this techniquw will in most case work so well for the manipulator because the victim is actually going to need these for example is usually something that we as human need in order to survive and prolonged lack will pause as a big problem. If the agent can convince the subject that their store is the best, or if they can get more food or shelter by switching their beliefs, there is a higher chance of success.

Utilizing illustrative and words

The choice of words one choses to use comes a long way in the sucsess of using persuasion.there are many ways in which you can phrase sentences when actually talking about one thing.saying the right words in the right way is what will make all the difference when attemoting to use persuasion.

Tricks used by mass media and advertising

The media use two main methods which they use to persuade the masses.first is through the use of images,as well the use of sounds.

Media persuasion by use of images

Our sighs and visual processing areas of the brain are very powerfull.just think about if fr a minute,have you ever thought o a person whout ending up picturing how they look?it is because of this that makes imagery and visual manipulation a preferred method by the media.companies will often include split second images of their product or individual incerten into an advertisement tat seems quite innocent on the face value.this usually a form of subliminal persuation.these split second images that are usually assumed for the most part usually end up taking some form of contoal of the victim,which persuade them to purchasing that particular service.

Media persuasion by the use of sound

Sound is yet another trick that is used by media in the persuasion of unsuspecting victims.some people usually underestimate the powers that exist within sound.but answer me this,how many times have yiu heard a song somewhere only to have it loop through your minfd continuously?songs usually have a he influence on us even though we are not aware of it despite knowing you are listening to it.this is what the media tend to exploit in their quest for persuation of the masses.there will often be a number of phrazes skilfully hidden,and repeated in an advertisement song that will most likely convince you to be inclined to prefer one company over the example of this is seen at Mcdonalds.the melody ‘im lovin it’is often repeatd in a maner that persuades the victims to constantly purchase their meals.

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