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Practical Challenges Of Mission For The Local Church

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The objective of this study was to develop a sustainable model to enlarge missional involvement in the local church. This will include the strategizing and planning activities which could help the local church to implement the principles indicated in this study.

As part of its introduction, this paper discussed the importance of dialoguing with other faiths as one component of missionary responsibility of the church. It was noted that many churches in Mission especially on the context of Manipur do not relate well to other faith communities, and according to the findings of this study, there must be a radical change in this regard. For example, churches should:

  • Develop an attitude of humbleness and openness
  • Comprehend the need to know and understand the religious convictions of people of other faiths
  • Acquire a more precise theological definition of dialogue as the church, which should filter through to the entire congregation
  • Be aware that a true “trialogue” must prevail, including the Holy Spirit

It was also emphasized that, in the process of dialogue, the churches must be willing to listen to one another, and that judgment should not be practiced, but rather, there must be love and understanding when approaching people of other faiths. For example: Muslim. It was mentioned that a missionary amongst the Muslim should be aware of his/her own deficiencies and discern carefully that which Christian is from that which is cultural.

Here are some of the following elements that the church could employ in their context to accelerate their missionary endeavors: evangelistic campaigns, Bible study classes, literature, pamphlets, tapes, literature evangelism, media, Heart lines, Truth-Media Internet, Jesus film and video, saturation evangelism, personal evangelism, Athletes in Action, children’s games, tent campaigns and crusades.

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It was observed that the word and deed can actually be combined of the ‘good news’ activity. The church should not divorce the words as has been done traditionally. It was noted in this study that more emphasis is placed on evangelism and very little on deeds. For example, according to the empirical study, churches are paying less attention to their word and deed responsibilities. Furthermore, the study further discussed a few areas to which the church should pay attention:

  • Political and social justice
  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Environment involvement and the reasons why the church should be involved in caring for her environment and its engagement therein
  • The paradigm shift that needs to take place in the church

One of the conclusions of the foregoing chapters is that the church should realize that, indeed, mission is not only the proclamation of the gospel, but it also involves learning and serving.

On the question of church planting, this study established that church planting must include the word ‘movement’. According to Garrison, the church planting movement is a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting other churches that sweeps through a people group or population segment. This study observed that this definition is comprehensive, and it includes what is happening in church planting movements, which is certainly essential. This can concludes that the church planting movement goes beyond the so-called, mass evangelism, church outreach crusades, tent campaigns. The church planting movement produces multiplying churches, i.e. churches which employ multiplication, rather than addition.

Regarding the worship service, the study noted that churches are not sufficiently attractive to draw new members to the church. The findings of this study concluded that worshipping God is paramount in fulfilling the missionary obligation of the church. The church should worship and glorify God for who he is, his sovereignty, majesty and his greatness. Furthermore, it was observed that worship can actually serve as an instrument of evangelizing the lost world, as they experience the presence of the Lord in their midst.

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