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Prevention is Better Than Cure

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The given situation implied that I am the one who created the procedure that may predict violent prone individuals, thus it also gives me the freedom to share my own version of truth. Given that we live in a society wherein crime is almost impossible to prevent amidst several programs implemented by the present government (crime prevention that actually encourage more crime commission, Oplan Tokhang for example), I think it is a major breakthrough to finally create a procedure which may determine negative actions. Since the process is not that complicated, I mean it doesn’t involved serious procedures that may expose hazard to a health of an individual, what is the wrong with trying if it will work or not?

In our country wherein re installation of death penalty is considered and supported by many die-hard fans of Duterte, what harm would it really present if all of us will undergo brain scan, DNA testing and blood analysis? Surely, killing someone just because we think he deserves it for all the crime he committed seems so easy on some, so isn’t it fair to take my procedure seriously and give it a chance to prove its reliability? How will we know, if we won’t try? Death penalty was abolished before due to its ineffectiveness to decrease crime rates, so we have an idea what would be its effect. But this procedure is new, and if discrimination would be the issue, let me just clarify that discrimination exist in all corners of the world.

Discrimination in work when you don’t belong with the same culture. Discrimination exists on gender, intelligence, work, and let us not forget the huge gap between men and women as perceived in this society. Let’s be honest and just face that labelling is always done. Why is it that when labelling is done thru gender (LGBTQ+) or based on intelligence capability or financial status in life, we can tolerate it, but when it comes to labelling someone because of violent attitudes creates huge reactions?

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I think it is better to prevent criminal behavior than curing it with death penalty or the tedious process in the criminal justice system that is often favorable to the rich but not to the poor. And in regards to the 5th amendment of self-incrimination in the United States, I assume that it would be in Philippines setting and our right to self-incrimination seems insignificant compared to other rights that the majority are violating every day. Again, I stand on the side of focusing on the positive effect than on the negative. If it can predict violent behavior, then we may implement measures to address those issues.

For example, I am that same youth who was been labeled as *violent prone* (is this somewhat similar to factions society of divergents?  ), I think it would help me to identify my behavior so that I may practice maximum tolerance knowing that I may commit crime once I am provoked. It could help me understand certain attitudes and reactions I sometimes do with little understanding.

All in all, this is my stand over this issue.

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