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The period of Ramadan is a very important period for Muslims. It’s a 30-day period in which Adult and healthy Muslims fast from food and drinks and abstain from wrong doings from sunrise to sunset. As Mohammed Rahman, a devout Muslim from Ireland rightly puts it “Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. It’s the holiest month in the Islamic calendar; a time when Muslims focus on Religious devotion by fasting, prayer, and giving to charity”. This is...
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As the Holy Month of Ramadan is here, and I’m here to throw some light on what RAMADAN is all about. It is believed that Ramadan is month of QURAN. Quran was sent to Prophet Muhammad, May peace be up on Him during this month, it is the book of ALLAH and guidance for humanity. In this month Quran is read by all Muslims around the world and they try to implement these teachings into day to day lives. One...
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Introduction to Fasting Along with prayer, pilgrimage, and charity, there is fasting. Islam points huge worth of the act of fasting, classifying it as one of the five pillars of worship and Islam. In fact, the act is a common form of worship amongst the unalike religions around the globe. In the meantime, it is extensively known for its spiritual advantages. However, fasting may vary from one belief to another regarding the timing, practice, frequency, or period (WhyIslam, 2014). “Oh...
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Introduction Every year advertiser spends billions of fortunes on the campaign, while only some make it to the top. It is highly prestigious to be selected as the finalist for Global Effie 2019 winners. Those selected as winners illustrated cases that demonstrate clear objectives and the challenging results in the context of global competition. Winners were chosen for different categories like Electronics, Fast-moving consumer goods, other products and services, Retail, Automotive, B2B, and Media and Entertainment category. Methodology This task...
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Terrence Lovat’s ritual analysis theory demonstrates that a religiously pluralistic society doesn’t directly translate to minority religions and their rituals impacting on society. Such as Ramadan, it will not have a deep or meaningful impact on Australia as a society since the ritual is Islamic in origin and Islam is a minority religion in Australia. Introduction Islam in Australia is a very small percentage with just 2% of Australians identifying themselves as Muslim, therefore, any ritual that takes place within...
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The spirit of Eid is one of peace, forgiveness and brotherhood. Gifts and greeting are exchanged as all animosities and ill feelings towards fellow beings are forgotten (Rashid Ahmad Chaudhry, 1988). However, while Eid is an occasion for joy and happiness, it is certainly not an occasion to indulge in foolishness, overeating and mere pursuit of pleasure. The main purpose is always to seek the pleasure of God Almighty by glorifying Him and rendering thanks to Him for having enabled...
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Egypt has been an Islamic state for more than a century (Metz & Library Of Congress, [Metz & LOC], 1991). 90% of its population identify as Sunni Muslims and the remaining 10% identify as Christians, with a majority of them belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church (Central Intelligence Agency, 2019). Egyptians from different cultural backgrounds consume different types of food due to their individual dietary preferences and religious beliefs (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions, 1997). Food plays a...
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