Reasons Why I Would Like to Witness the Harlem Renaissance

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Growing up, I have learned about how slavery has been a very important, but horrible tragedy that happens within African American society. I have seen teachers focus on the oppression of African American rather than the pride of the African American culture. In every history book that I have read, they each given vague information about African American culture. The era known as the Harlem Renaissance has sometimes been underappreciated. However, I have grown to love this stage in history because during this time African Americans and their intellectual views started to be known. I wish I could travel back in time in order to witness this historical moment because I would love to see the developing aspects of literature, social changes, and art that occur in African American society.

Authors such as Zora Neale Hurston has help literature to expand in African American culture. One of her most popular writings called ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ where she utilizes folk style writing as inspired me to read more books that incorporates African American pride. I have always imagined meeting her and other well-known African American authors since I read her book. Not only that but, Zora Neale Hurston have shown me that writings that include black society do not only have always have to be about slavery and how we conquer that tribulation. Rather, writings that include black culture should also portray the different intellectual minds and different beliefs that have been brought upon the African American lifestyle.

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Furthermore, I would love to witness the period of the Harlem Renaissance because I would want to meet individuals such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Marcus Garvey to observe how their beliefs improve African American social life. I always imagine being in the front row while Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gives his ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Dr. King was one of the most significant voices for civil rights, so to be there while he expressed the social changes, he wants to see in the society would be a wonderful moment in life to witness. Marcus Garvey is another significant figure whom I would love to meet during this Harlem Renaissance. Since Marcus Garvey is known for developing a civil rights organization, it would be interesting to visit one of his speeches to hear how he inspired other African Americans.

The Jazz Age was another period that occurred during the Harlem Renaissance. During the Jazz Age, the birth of the music genre jazz emerged and became a part of Americans life. I realize that pop culture music today that teenagers listen to has a mixture of jazz instruments and sounds in the songs. This shows how art from the Harlem Renaissance is still embedded in our humanity today. It would be an honor to see African American is proud of the music they created. I always dream of what it would be like to witness the first jazz concert and seeing everyone dancing, laughing, and having fun.

The Harlem Renaissance was the era where African Americans started to have more pride within their culture. I would love to witness this historical moment because it birthed literature, outstanding intellectuals, and art within African American’s life. Not only that but, being grown up I have known about Jamaican black culture, so it would be delightful to experience the Harlem Renaissance to get a better understanding of the different characteristics of black culture.

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