Reflection on Anthony Hopkins as Titus Andronicus: Opinion Essay

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Only a few can understand the destructive and shallow outcome that a back and forth battle between two strong forces can cause like the characters in Titus. With a passionate performance by lead protagonist Anthony Hopkins as Titus Andronicus, Titus as shortened is filled with elements disturbed through characters plot and themes, Titus is not the first movie we see being recreated by Shakespeare however with its twist of adding elements from the past and the present makes the one of Shakespeare most creative and intriguing remake.

From the start the main theme of the film is evidently a struggle for political a theme which runs through a majority of Shakespeare’s work (tragedies and revenge). The utter need for revenge appears quickly, predictable as it is Jessica Lange who plays Tamora, the newly found queen of Saturninus’s who is played by Alan cummings , seeks revenge on Titus for killing her first born son. Though in Shakespeare original novel, Titus is not portrayed as heavily as seen in the film. Anthony Hopkins is absolutely perfect as Titus, he captured the internal trouble that plagues Titus a man who is a national Hero and general Leader of the military that conquers all battles, he finds it difficult to accept the offer of becoming emperor which he lives to regret throughout the remainder of the film, he places the power into the hands of Saturninus who makes it his life’s purpose to ruin Titus family, with big help to his new queen Tamroa. Titus is man that can kill a man with no remorse and cook his flesh despite the pleas of a desperate mother while he can also break down in despair at the execution of his sons and at the sight of his beloved daughter tongues-less with no hands. Jessica Lange as Tamora we learn is the biggest reason for this as she has a lot of pent up anger for Titus and his wrong doings.

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The film demonstrates how director can manipulate the atmosphere with stark realism. Visually the film for its time is cosmic, the film opens up with a close up of a child in the modern word playing with war toys , with a mask covering his face that symbolizes the painted grey mask Titus and his soldiers wear . This is unique because we know Titus was not created in a time where life was as advanced. We could make note of the bright colored props seen in the background and how that contrast to Rome whereas it is grey and dull, The costumes used also contrast each other , we move from war outfits to runway style clothing made from leather and silk , designs un seen in Shakespeare’s time. Surprisingly the director Julie Taymor is the director of the play version of “The Lion King '. In observing a few clips from her first film, she again shows a command of costumes and staging and comic relief. She makes it clear in her opening shot that she sees some connection between 'Titus Andronicus' and the daily culture of violence in children's entertainment.

The film easily became a favorite of all Shakespeare remakes, though still hard to comprehend through language barrier, Shakespeare English versus modern day English, the acting skills of each character made each scene enjoyable , had the film been mute , watchers would still understand what Titus Andronicus is all about.

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