Religion and Wisdom of Huckleberry Finn

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Religion is a very controversial subject, in this particular case it is presented in a satirical way under the words of Mark Twain. In ‘The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn’, Twain portrays religion as superficial, hypocrite and superstitious theme that goes along diverse parts of the text. Criticizes the conventional religion comparing it with the true religion of one of the main characters, Huck Finn. As far as I could see in the text the great majority, but not all the characters are devout Christians but also use their belief in religion as a tool to obtain certain things. It is such as it is in the reality that we live, they are hypocritical believers, since they claim to be devotees of religion but do not follow the 'laws' of being a Christian.

One of the aspects of the text that catches my attention is the way Jim represents a great influence in Huck's life. How his perspective on religion changes as he matures. Others who influenced the belief Huck are Miss Watson, Douglas and as Jim mentioned above. A teenager, from the point of view of an adult, at the age that Huck Finn has at the beginning of the text (19 years) the way of seeing and analyzing things around him are logical and practical, this lends itself to be influenced, since the character not seem to have malice, for my concept. Some traits that are developed in him are the playful being but the practicality ahead, his logic in the way of thinking, compassionate towards others and inevitable, even having that soul of child. “Huck in fact would be incomplete without Jim, who is almost a notable creation as Huck himself. Huck is the passive observer of men and events, Jim the submissive sufferer from them; and they are equal in dignity. There is no passage in which their relationship is brought out more clearly than the conclusion of the chapter in which, after the two have become separated in the fog” (Eliot, T.S. T. S, Eliot on The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. New York: The Stonesong Press, 1988).

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Huck's wisdom is an odd mix of pragmatism, superstition, common sense, self-doubt, and a real understanding of nature. Wisdom is the quality of having knowledge, experience and judgment and throughout the text Huck has proven so many time this quality. We are talking about a text that was written around 1880, for my concept it is something quite uncommon for a teenager, of 19, to have the ability to think and analyze things the way Huck Finn does them, the way he sees them. Things that happen around you and interpret teachings is to be admired. There are several ways in which this quality manifests itself. The relationship that Huck presents with certain characters reveals that his intelligence goes beyond a child of his age in those times. One of the phrases he mentions that gives a lot to say about him is “Human beings can be awful cruel to one another”. Even an adult with a trained criterion finds it difficult to reach this idealization but Huck Finn is so easy that it is inspiring to see how he grows and teaches us throughout the text.

Another one that caught my attention 'Right is right, and wrong is wrong, and a body is not got no business doing wrong when it is not ignorant and knows better”. For me this can be taken in two different directions, take a look at religious content to find what they think a God needs them to complete a humanist perspective on ethical quality is distinctive or humanist where don't take a look at any God for standards yet think cautiously about what may be the most ideal approach to experience this methodology.

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