Tessie Hutchinson Character In The Lottery By Shirley Jackson

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The Lottery is a fictional short story by Shirley Jackson about blindly following traditions set in a small village. Every year in June, the villagers prepare for the annual ritual, most of whom do not understand the purpose of the lottery.

Who is Tessie in the Lottery?

Tessie Hutchinson is the main character and like everyone else she follows the rules of the village. She is a dynamic character. Tessie appears to be an ideal citizen of her town who obeys the rules set out for her, but as the story unfolds, she changes as she takes a stand for herself.

At the beginning of the story, Tessie appears to be passive. She accepts gender roles and does what is expected of her. Upon arriving late to the lottery, she stands beside her husband and says, “Wouldn’t have me leave dishes in the sink now, would you Joe?”. Tessie prioritizes her chores and fulfills her role as a housewife, making her an ideal citizen of her dystopian society. She abides by the rules set out for her and evidently does not show resistance against it. Instead, she dutifully accepts it.

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It also becomes apparent that Tessie is a conformist. She is submissive and goes with the flow. Tessie does not appear to have any problems with the values and traditions of her village; rather, she cheers her husband at the lottery. When Mr. Hutchinson’s name is called, she says with encouragement, “Get up there, Bill. Tessie actively demonstrates that she is an ideal citizen because she follows the traditions. Moreover, while others seemed to be uneasy or nervous, Tessie encouraged her husband as he got his ticket. Not only does Tessie conform and participate in the traditions of her society, but she also seems to enjoy it, making her an ideal citizen.

However, as events transpire, Tessie becomes assertive. After getting chosen at the lottery, her perspective of the lottery changes, and she questions the customs she blindly followed for many years. She argues and complains to the villagers yelling, “It isn’t fair, it isn’t right” until she meets her demise. Tessie changes at the end of the story because of the events that directly affected her. If she was not picked, Tessie would have continued to be the same passive and submissive conformist. However, because she got chosen, Tessie saw new light and stood up for herself against her roots. Due to this, Tessie is no longer an ideal citizen of her society as she spoke against the traditions and stepped out of the norm. Tessie is a dynamic character because she undergoes the change of being a passive conformist to an active protestor.

In conclusion, Tessie Hutchinson is a dynamic character. Although she appears to be an ideal citizen, when she gets chosen at the lottery, she becomes the opposite. She changes from being passive and a conformist to assertive. The Lottery demonstrates that experiences in a person’s life shape their character and identity.

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