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The Elements Of Dystopian World In Fahrenheit 451 & WALL-E

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The evolution of dystopian text emerged throughout the French revolution, 1700’s, although it was commonly anti-collectivist until the late 20th century. Dys (bad) topia (place) are ancient Greek words that are used to create fictional texts of an unfavourable society to live. Generally, these civilizations are controlled by oppressive governments or other forms of despotisms. Usually a combatant will be involved who feels the need to establish change in society. Utmost dystopian texts are focused on survival or exploiting the adverse community.

Fahrenheit 451 is acknowledged as a dystopian text. The novel includes an abhorrent future macrocosm. Free thought is deterred and humanity lacks capability to associate with one another. In Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel, it is set in 2053 in which people are enclosed around technology. Bradbury wrote the novel in concern of technology detracting the value of literature in forthcoming future. In the fiction, Firemen do not confine fires however incinerate books in established order of being illegal. The main character being Guy Montag. The novel contributes devasting occurrences and an unjust social system. However, the journey of composing change all starts with a young lady, Clarisse, enacting Guy to question himself and the system.

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In conjunction with previously mentioned, WALL-E, the film, is also a dystopian text. Written and directed by Andrew Stanton in 2008, the film is set in the year 2805. From overspread of product rubbish made by ‘Buy N Large’ corporation on earth causes humans to abruptly flee being uninhabitable. WALL-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter: Earth-Class) is a 700-year-old solitary robot abandoned on earth to clean the disarray left. Humans seek aboard the spacecraft, Axiom, operated by computer and an autopilot called AUTO. After Axiom sending out EVE (Extra-terrestrial Vegetation Evaluator), WALL-E finds her admirable and shows her his human artefacts which includes a plant, EVE takes the plant as mandatory, leading into restoring earth as they conquer many challenges that face them.

Throughout Fahrenheit 451 censorship is exhibited through many areas of the novel. The fireman structure, a system prohibiting freedom of expression and scholarship, is one. However, expulsion of books commenced as self-censorship. Beatty discloses this to Montag, “people didn't stop reading books because a tyrannical government forced them to stop. They stopped reading books gradually over time as the culture around them grew faster, shallower, intellectually blander, and centred around minor thrills and instant gratification”. Another is the fact conversating is abhorred. Montag shows concern when Clarisse talks to him a generous amount and mentions her family talk lavishly. He is surprised as it is exceedingly rare. The largest censorship role in the novel is the power of government over citizens. The ministry indoctrinates people into spending money on technology, narrowing one’s rights and freedom as an outcome. WALL-E’s censorship values are quite similar. In Fahrenheit 451 people appear to be living placid lives, along with people in WALL-E, although they’re not. These people are influenced by technology made by higher authority to disguise how appalling the planet is. The excessive use of automation in both dystopia’s construct a utopia illusion on those influenced. Obesity occurs in WALL-E due to no usage of bodily movement through having machinery transport them around. This could also arise in Fahrenheit 451 if technology broadened in the novel. After a woman chose to take her life in the novel than to let her books be ravaged, Montag looked further. He seized a book to grasp why some intellectuals cherished them. As he continued to embezzle books, his wife found and turned him in. Beatty goes to Guys house confer positives in correlation to censoring books. Montag tries to convince Beatty the art literature withholds but is not successful. Montag becomes disowned by his community and escapes, he tries to convince others of the deranged society, but only to watch his community unravel around him. WALL-E’s exposal of truth is not so different. When following eve along the spacecraft to which humans live, WALL-E disturbs ‘peace’. People start to recognise how enraptured they’re and realise other concepts such as love and art of surroundings. Beings attempt to leave; however, auto-pilot captures the plant to be able to rejuvenate earth, ceasing people to flee. WALL-E, EVE, the captain and a collection of crippled robots unite to resist. Retrieving the plant results in WALL-E being crushed, nonetheless when back on earth EVE mends him. The humans are taught how to take care and nourish the land. People identified they had been misguided in WALL-E, whereas not everyone had in Fahrenheit 451. Although, concepts were similar such as the jurisdiction refusing to be open minded.

Concluding my answer towards this accordingly to both dystopian texts analysed, they have changed and remained constant in various ways. Overtime dystopian texts have solemnly been based around technology and the overgrowth it provides. Although, dystopias have developed into being significantly relatable. In early times, dystopian text was mainly produced to denounce slavery and communism. It had built into creating caution for the future if we continued to damage ourselves and surroundings. Nowadays dystopian text is mainly constructed to amuse the youth and make feel empowered by compelling justice. The consistency of dystopian text throughout time is maintained through similar themes in all. Whether it be technology, war, slavery, climate etc. it all leads back to one main theme, a dysfunctional planet.

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