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The Factors of Success of Starbucks Coffee

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Can you imagine how different our twenty-first century lives would be like without coffee? To coffee lovers, it might be a frightening one. What brand of coffee comes to mind first? For me, Starbucks would be the first. It was founded in 1971 in the city of Seattle, and now the coffee chain has close to 24,000 stores worldwide. Starbucks has become one of the biggest coffee brands in the world. There are three reasons why Starbucks has been so successful.

First, it has built their own brand culture. Coffee is an old product. However, Starbucks offers a different and consistent way to enhance brand value. It does not spend significant amounts of money in various campaigns. It focuses on quality of products, quality of the equipment, the decoration of the stores, and the behavior of the employees. Starbucks experts select coffee beans very carefully. Every step has a strict standard, and taste testers have to judge roughly 100,000 cups of coffee to protect the quality. Customer experience is Starbucks’ central target. Every Starbucks store has a custom design, and it focuses a lot on the interior and exterior decorations. It wants customers to feel comfortable to come in to order and sit down to pass the time. Therefore, Starbucks has strongly believed in developing and building the brand through word-of-mouth channels.

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Second, it respects their employees. Starbucks treat each employee equally and every member of the staff is called a “partner.” They prefer to spend more money on training employees than on advertisement. Starbucks has an effective communication method for employees. The managers arrange the working hours per employee availability and plan the schedule of time off according to the employee’s request. In addition, Starbucks distributes stock dividends to all employees. Using this approach, the employees can get benefits from the dividends of the company. Consequently, employees have more motivation to provide better service and increase their sales. Moreover, Starbucks is the first private company to provide comprehensive health care for temporary workers. To Starbucks, employees are the most valuable asset.

Finally, it provides high quality customer services. Have you ever come across a rude Starbucks staff? I sure have not. They are fast, efficient, friendly, energetic, and they call your names out correctly. Therefore, their customers feel that they are important. This is crucial to customer relationship success. In fact, the average Starbucks customer visits the store 6 times per month. In addition, the loyal customer will go to a store 16 times per month, which accounts for 20 percent of their customers. Starbucks is implementing customer feedback to create new products. One great example is customers inspired Pumpkin Spice Latte, which is available in certain seasons and has generated a coffee craze. Starbucks always does one thing, which is never stop thinking about their customers. The more they are cared for, the better they are doing.

Consequently, they are becoming successful in the coffee area. Starbucks fully considers the feelings of their employees, puts a lot of value on customer service, and strives to build a people-based corporate culture. Such a concept will give people a warm feeling that feels humanized. In the end, consumers can enjoy the taste of their coffee and enjoy the mood of Starbucks, which is conducive to the development of its brand culture.

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