The Influence Of Gossip: Good Gossip Versus Bad Gossip

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Introduction to the issue/ problem

You are a single parent with three young children. Your spouse has just passed away recently due to a motor-road accident. At work, you heard people are talking about your company being downsized and some of the employees will need to resign very soon. You asked some of your colleagues about this. Rita, Shidi and Janet said that the news is true since the company is in a lot of debts now. However, according to Zana, Ramli and Jamil, the news is just a gossip; the company is still in good shape. You are so worried and do not know whether to wait or to apply for a job somewhere else. From this statement, we can identify there is two type of gossip one is good gossip and one is bad gossip, however, we still can’t tell who fall into good and bad gossip group. This paperwork is to identify how we going to find a solution to handle the gossip.

Good Gossips

Everywhere there are people there are gossip. Especially in a company where social and cultural groups are gathering and rapid change is experienced, gossip flourishes. Gossip can be defined as “unverified and used as tools for relevant information statements in circulation that arise in contexts of ambiguity, danger or potential threat and that function to help people make sense and manage risk” (DiFonzo and Bordia 2007).In this case according to Zana, Ramli and Jamil, the news is just gossip; the company is still in good shape.

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Bad Gossips

When we hear gossip about management turning to reduce manpower as the first way to cut labor costs, it can result in gossip being spread about the fate of remaining employees. In a small business, gossip can spread quickly. Current staff members are unsure as to the stability of their jobs and morale begins to drop. If gossip persists, then the drop in morale can develop into a loss in productivity and employee turnover. These issues can be seen where Rita, Shidi and Janet said that the news is true since the company is in a lot of debt now.


People experience personal distress during a hearing company downsizing. This distress can include illness, low energy, lack of motivation, difficulty in focusing, accidents, and interpersonal conflict between co-workers&family. Often individuals blame themselves for being weak or for their inability to handle the situation. Sometimes organizations label people as resistors when, in reality, people move through the stages of change at different rates. How an organization introduces change has created an impact as well. “People don’t mind change; they mind being changed,” is a statement that organizations need to take to heart. During layoffs, employees' experience is changed. Thus, ownership of the changes is more difficult to create. People form deep attachments with their coworkers, their workgroups, their companies, their organizational structures and systems, their personal responsibilities, and their ways of accomplishing work. When anything that is important or close to employees is disturbed it will create stress, whether by personal choice or through a larger organizational process over which normally they have no control, a transition period will occur. During this transition, people can expect to experience a period of letting go of the old ways as they begin moving toward and integrating the new.

Explain how you can judge to accept or reject the reasons.

Why I should reject

Some people gossip because they love and enjoy it or they feel insecure about other coworkers’ success in the workplace. Most gossipers are normally pure attention-seekers. A persistent and long-term gossiper must be stopped or can be labeled it as bullies to avoid potential damage of reputation to others and the company. This coursework is solely focused on what we as an individual can do to protect both our self and our career. Never participate. Simply walking away from the gossip can prove to be the best answer. If someone passes a juicy story on to us; we should not spread it any further. We need to act and take personal responsibility to act with integrity and start moving.


At their core gossips are tragically insecure. Everyone, including us, is a threat to their sense-of-Self. Gossips have poor on ego development and tend to be emotionally not stable. They are quick to blame someone and lack responsibility. They like to do the least amount of damage for the most gain, believing any extra work given or responsibility required on them is unfair and unjust and their like to compare with other coworkers. They view everyone as having a reason to make them fail, causing the gossip to live on the defensive. They feel justified to take down anyone they see as a threat. It can be Rita, Shidi, and Janet or Zana, Ramli, and Jamil are feeling insecure about my success.

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