The Movie 'The Truman Show' and the Social Issues It Highlights

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The movie ‘The Truman Show’ directed by Peter Weir reflects some of the issues within our daily society such as truth, privacy and relationship. These are the values that are important to us both personal and social. They are important as being essential to us. Everyone deserves to know the truth because it helps to strengthen the relationship between each other. Thus, we can build our relationship based on the belief towards each other. In addition, we have own life therefore our privacy needs to be respected. Truth, relationship and privacy can link to each other and have enormous impacts on our life.

Truth refers to the true that we all deserve to know. However, Truman doesn’t have that pleasure because his life is fabricated. He lives in an artificial world called Seahaven Island. This is revealed in the advertisement in the middle of the movie as the Seahaven Island is described as a gigantic soundstage with 221 floors. The extreme-long shot and zoom out shows an enormous soundstage in between Hollywood and can be seen from space. It is picturesque and according to Christof, Seahaven is a perfect place for Truman to live. This is shown in Christof’s interview with Sylvia: “The place you live the sick place. Seahaven is the way the world should be”. The emotive language ‘sick’ indicates that Christof considers that the real world is not perfect as the Seahaven. In addition, Christof assumes that Truman won’t leave the Seahaven. He states “He prefers his cell” in response to Sylvia. The metaphor ‘cell’ indicates that the Seahaven is a place that integral to Truman. However, Truman escaped the Seahaven at the end of the film. This proves that the truth can’t be hidden forever and it will be revealed.

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Everyone has their own relationships. The relationships are built based on the belief between people towards each other. All of Truman’s relationships are artificial except the relationship with Sylvia. Truman’s marriage with Meryl is fabricated. This is shown in the scene when Truman flips through the album. The zoom in shot in Meryl’s crossed fingers leads Truman to doubt about their relationship and opens to the turning points afterward. Marlon is Truman’s best friend, however, his actual role is to be a control agent for Christof to keep Truman in the Seahaven Island. The scene when Marlon says, “The last thing I would ever do is lie to you”, seems ironic as it actually is Christof’s words. The match cut technique reveals that Marlon is repeating what Christof is saying. Sylvia is the only person who is honest to Truman. This is revealed in the flashback scene as she said “Everyone is pretending” and “My name is Sylvia”. The vibration camera effect creates an anxiety atmosphere when Sylvia is caught revealing the truth. In addition, the medium shot into Sylvia’s panic expression shows that she is being honest to Truman. The sham relationship can’t be as sentiment as the real relationship.

People have their own private life therefore they need their privacy to be respected. Truman’s privacy in Seahaven is heavily breached. This is shown in the scene when he is talking to himself in the mirror. The close up shot into his innocent face indicates that he has no idea that he is filming. Additionally, the television frame represents that Truman is being broadcasted all over the world. There are about 5000 micro cameras that are placed within the Seahaven Island to capture Truman’s action every moment. The close up shot with jump cut technique shows that the cameras are installed in every object around Truman. Moreover, the viewers’ curiosity is stimulated. This is reflected in the security guard dialogue: “You never see anything anyway. They always uh… turn the camera, and… play music, and… you know, the wind blows and then the curtains move. You don’t see anything”. The descriptive language in the dialogue indicates that the viewers’ curiosity is stimulated therefore they are willing to watch the show. The breach of privacy indicates that people have the demand to discover about each other’s private life. People have their own private life therefore their privacy needs to be respected.

The movie ‘The Truman Show’ raises concern about the aspects such as truth, relationships and privacy within the society. The truth has been hidden from Truman since his birth, however, the truth is revealed at the end of the movie. This indicates that the truth can’t be hidden forever. His relationships are fabricated with the purpose is to keep him inside the island. Even so, the real relationship with Sylvia promotes him to get out of the Seahaven Island. Therefore, the real relationship is sentiment than the sham relationship. Truman is lack of privacy as his private life is heavily breached. People should respect each other’s privacy.

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