Erin Brockovich': Essay on Story of a True Fighter

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The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is a dominant billion dollar company; they are the business leaders who can trample over anyone who dares to cross, have money and have money with them. The evils of being seen are powers.

From the beginning, PG&E has defrauded the community of Hinckley, California, by providing false evidence and misleading them with its dishonesty. PG&E manipulates persons into believing that the chromium they use is healthy and has nothing to do with it, thereby deceiving them. People only make lots of money for themselves without consideration to the people who do not have any knowledge of those who are involved carelessness and greedy acts, those involved would suffer painful consequences.

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Many people in the society are beginning to complain about these health conditions, such as Jensen's, because of health problems. These are induced by sickness, miscarriages, tumors and sometimes the nerve to cover it up with other reasons including bad diet or genetics. Diseases where the truth is that PG&E is responsible, but still they insist that it was the individual's own responsibility to get sick in the first place and do not have them involved. And though they are obviously at fault, they dismiss charges against them. They were even trying to bribe these people with cash and money, pay for a psychiatrist to test them and tell these people that the cause for their health issues is not chromium, indeed an underhanded technique. They also attempted to bribe employees inside Ed Masry's law firm to conceal data records that could be used against them, who were lucky to have Erin. He tries to reach out in time to question him, stating how he even sleeps in the process ensuring that others will suffer or die more. They are causing these individuals to their livelihoods and health status are seriously suffered and ruined, as well as no respect for polluting the atmosphere, especially the waters, thus destroying it by their behavior. The chromium they use notes that it is possible to say that they no longer use hexavalent chromium, which is obviously not the case. Otherwise, people's deaths and ailments agonize by the release of toxins into the source of water. And they are going to stick with this deception until an argument is made. This is a lawsuit against Erin Brockovich and Ed Masry. The even attempted to use Erin’s bullying technique on a conference call to warm her and even her kids that she was being attacked. Her snooping must cease.

The movie 'Erin Brockovich' unfolds the story of the main female protagonist shows compassion in the mist the controversy and is not afraid to stand up to what is right in the face of a giant adversary that is PG&E who no one wants to dare to mess with. Erin Brockovich, who, together with Ed Masry, uncovered a major cover up of a health hazard resulting in one of the largest settlements. If they say that leaders must have the perseverance and a lot of good common sense, then Erin Brockovich is the living embodiment of that.

This person, who has become an outsider in life, unjustly underestimated by people around her, all her life having no formal college degree education and lack of legal knowledge, manage to bring down a global giant on her knees and land a historic settlement. She had little legal experience but a profound instinct. This heroine displays a resilient and tenacious determination of extending her help to others with no personal agenda of her own but for the sake of humanity and to feel compassion guided her to the truth which at the end really did happen. She is a true fighter.

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