Why Hamlet is Considered to Be a Classic Tragedy

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`Hamlet'' was completed in the English Renaissance in the early seventeenth century. Its creative process took three years. It is also the longest of all of Shakespeare's dramatic works. The book is set in the medieval Danish royal court as the background. The protagonist Hamlet investigates the murderer and launches a vengeance after his father was murdered by his uncle, hence the name 'Prince's Revenge'. The play is a true reproduction of European society in the late Renaissance, and it also reflects Shakespeare's thinking on human destiny. It is a Western literary work with profound tragic significance. Among them, this work deepens the depth of tragedy from three aspects: the characteristics of the times, the personality of the characters, and the conscious influence of Shakespeare.

Throughout the entire play of `` Hamlet '', although Shakespeare took the main character of Hamlet as his father's revenge, the mainline of the plot, but in the process of the main line's gradual development, also showed readers the turbulent European society in the medieval period, as well as prostitution, The dark Danish court, and this chaotic era is precisely the main reason for creating one after another of the tragedies in the play. As a prince, Hamlet was deeply influenced by the humanist ideals of the Renaissance, advocating freedom and the liberation of human nature. In his eyes, the glory of human nature is like 'purification of the universe', so sacred, and at the same time, no matter the person himself, A society composed of people should be harmonious and beautiful. However, in this dark age, ideals and reality are often far away.He longs for pure love and falls in love with the beautiful and innocent girl Ophelia, but the reality tells him that in order to avenge his father, Orphey Leah can only be part of the plan for revenge; he yearns for a close friendship, but his classmates Luo Sheng Clan and Giddens Dun and become the minions of the killing father Claudius; in his impression, His mother was beautiful and kind, but after returning from the funeral, he found that his father's bones were not cold, and his mother had remarried to become a woman of Claudius. The strong contrast between ideal and reality caused Hamlet to almost collapse, and his powerful enemies and difficult road of revenge made him despair. Since then, Hamlet's perception of humanity and human nature has completely changed. A tragic point.

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For Hamlet, his life is undoubtedly full of tragedy, and his complex and contradictory character is one of the main reasons that determine his tragic life. From a behavioural point of view, Hamlet's character is hesitant and contradictory. On the one hand, he is eager to avenge his father, on the one hand, he wants to kill Clautus, the king who seeks to usurp and usurp his brother, and on the other hand, he wants to achieve Although the two goals of humanistic ideals for the society to regain order and restore justice seem to coincide, in the process of realization, in addition to various contradictions. So even when Claus was praying with his back to him, he couldn't pull the sword in his hand to the enemy, because it was easy to kill him, but simply killing him would only make the whole society more Confusion and darkness are obviously unacceptable to Hamlet who wants to realize humanism. Such contradictions make him feel tangled and suffering, and the seed of tragedy also gradually arises in the process of his tangling. From an emotional point of view, Hamlet's character is suspicious and melancholy. This kind and the pure prince has experienced too many betrayals since his father's death. Each betrayal makes him question his own belief in humanism. And the heavy blow and huge pressure of revenge also gradually contributed to his melancholic character. He is willing to give everything for revenge, including life, and he will not be defeated by difficulties, but in the face of reality, he is accustomed to a pessimistic view of everything, so he will always miss a good time for revenge. In addition, the melancholic character also made him skeptical of anyone and things. Even if he really helped his friend Horasu, he could not fully trust him, and when his character contradicted his revenge and belief The great tragedy of human nature finally formed.

The content expressed in work is bound to be influenced by the subjective consciousness of the creator, and Hamlet is no exception. The protagonist Hamlet is actually closely related to Shakespeare, and it can even be said that Shakespeare is a personality in the play. Reflected, the character and life of Hamlet's tragedy are also affected by Shakespeare's tragic life [2]. The story in the play is set against the background of the medieval Danish royal court, and Shakespeare's era is exactly the late Renaissance. The sinful and dark Danish royal court and the powerful feudal class in that play were also the British court and the reproduction of society can be said that whether it is the depiction of the background of the times or the prominent social characteristics, it is Shakespeare's deep appreciation of its own era and society. In addition, throughout Shakespeare's life, although his plays have been loved by all walks of life, he has also become a wealthy aristocrat because of his drama, but his life is still full of all kinds of dissatisfaction, such as those of a teenager. Distress, bullying by the rich, etc. These experiences made Shakespeare realize the cruelty of life, and also established a strong sense of reason. In the process of creating 'Hamlet', rational consciousness also told Shakespeare that if he wanted to ensure the rationality of the plot, Hamlet's life would inevitably be gradually tragic.

In short, although Hamlet is only a dramatic work, it fully explains the tragic nature of human life. How to treat this tragedy and contradiction requires more in-depth thinking.

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