Beauty And The Beast Movie Comparison: 1991 Vs 2017

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Beauty and the Beast is an adjustment of the classic fairy-tale about a monstrous prince and a young woman who fall in love. It is based on the 1991 version of Disney Beauty and the Beast and was released in March 2017. In this live-action re-imagining of the fairy tale, a young woman takes her father’s place as a prisoner in a beast’s castle, only to fall in love with her monstrous incarcerator, who turns out to be a prince. The creators were able to bring to life the animated movie itself. Although there can be some distinctive differences between the two movies, the main key points of the animated movie doesn’t contradict the actions of the live action movie. Each scene was able to play its part and go hand in hand as the movie carried on. Both movie posters convey the same image when looking at it such as the main focus of the poster, however, there are some differences such as the mood brought between both posters and how the older version is more cartoonish while the newer version is more realistic.

The main focus in the two poster images is the princess Belle and the Beast. The title in both posters, are written in big and bold yellow words, with the promotion of Disney, which created both movies, this makes it stand out. In both movie posters, we can see that the beauty and the beast are dancing together and holding their hands while dancing. Both posters have a dark blue, yellow, and black surrounded around the poster for the background. This background is significant to the color of Belle dress and the beast suit. Around the beauty and the beast dancing, the other characters such as the tea pot and cups, the candle, and the clock are surrounding them, which shows that they are also very important characters in the movie. These moving objects are looking up to the beauty and the beast dancing with a happy face expression.

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The mood bought in the 1991 movie poster brings a magical and princessy vibe. While the 2017 poster brings a mysterious and dark vibe. In the 1991 poster, since the movie is animated it brings out a more colorful poster, with bright colors. After about 26 years, the more fairy-tale version came out, the main point in the poster portrays the movie to be romantic and fantasy due to the couple lovingly dancing together giving out the theme of romance. The target audience for both movies seems to be a wide range of people. It has been rated PG so it is appropriate for all ages. Kids would be interested in this movie as it is based on the classic fairy-tale which is very popular. However, adults and young people may also be interested.

Both posters bring out a princess/ fairy-tale theme by the small details. You can see the two characters in the 2017 movie poster, however their faces cannot be seen, but the male character is presented to be a monster, giving the theme of fantasy. The poster does not seem very realistic as the colors and characters makes it seem to be quite elegant and fairy-tale like. In 1991 movie poster which shows the image of a rose in a glass jar, which is a significant aspect of the film as it is what counts down the time the beast has to find true love to break his curse. In both movie posters, the font for the title is quite fancy and elegant to support the fantasy theme.

After all the purpose for the 2017 movie poster is to advertise the movie and make it more known so when it was released, it will be popular. Other infomation is also given on this poster, however it is written in small font. This movie poster was brought out to hype the fans and audience for this fairy-tale movie after a long time of recreation, new changes, and life version from the 1991 movie poster. The main difference is the one is animated and the other one is a more life verision with real characters.

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