Boo Radley Character Development In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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Harper Lee’s novel To Kill A Mockingbird has many unique characters none more unique than Boo Radley. Boo Radley is misunderstood by most of the town because they think that Boo is this scary, horrible, beast that will hurt them if they get too close. He is timid, integrities and, a considerate man who is always being mistreated for his differences. Boo shows how he is a good person by looking out for scout, jem and, dill even though they didn't understand him.

First of all, Boo radley is a very timid man. His timidness comes from his past and how people treated him. Being shy doesn't make you strange or weird, but some people think that being different is being weird. Scout said “people said any stealthy crime committed in Maycomb were his work”. Even when they knew it wasn't him they still looked down at the family. Most of Maycomb Still believes that he hasn't changed from his delinquent years even though he has grown up they still wrongly treated him like a monster. It didn't help that the townspeople forced him into living his whole life in his house. Which resulted in him being very anti social. But I believe that he would rather be timid and alone.

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Secondly, Boo Radley is loyal and has shown this by saving Jem and Scout, life on multiple occasions. Boo showed loyalty by taking Scout and moving her away from the burning house. He choose to make sure that scout was safe in spite of his timidness. Atticus says ‘“ I thought I told you and Jem to stay put”. Showing that he was timid but his loyalty to the finch family was very important to him. After Jem and Scouts school play they were walking home and got ambushed by Mr Ewell. Boo shows up to protects the children like per the usual and demonstrates how loyal he is to the finch’s. the townspeople would understand him a lot more if they knew what he has done for the family.

Lastly, he is very integrities because, of things like putting the gifts in the tree for the kids, fixing Jems clothes and, keeping Scout away from the fire. Boo left gifts in the tree for the finch children. At first Jem kept them to himself and later on showed his sister. The kids always believe what the town had told them and how boo was a bad person so they treated as such, He still gave them gifts. When Jem had to go back to retrieve his pants he sees that boo had mended and folded. The house fire was another scene where Boo did good by being kind. Atticus asks Scout “‘Whose blanket is that?’” These words proved that not only did Boo check on the children, he gave Scout a blanket to stay warm. Boo risked getting judged to make sure Scout was safe. Unfortunately, the townspeople didn’t see these kind acts of his so they didn’t have the opportunity to change their perspective on him.

To conclude, the Maycomb townspeople don’t understand Boo Radley. They never see his loyal, kind-hearted, and shy acts. His character is one of many book characters that prove, how fast people can judge and label someone. This is more than judging a book by its cover since they never really see him. Harper Lee did an amazing job on showing how unfair and wrong rumours and assumptions can be. Everyone who reads this book should walk away with knowing not everything you here is true a lot of the time it is a bunch of lies with a bit of truth.

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