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Chronology of The US-Taliban Treaty and Its Impact to Whole Region

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On 11 September 2001, a huge attack in US, in which more than 3000 people killed. Then, Osama bin Laden (Head of Al-Qaida) found guilty of it. Then US government demanded Al-Qaida to expel Osama bin Laden. But, Talibans protected Osama bin Laden and refused to hand him over. Due to this behavior of Talibans, the United States lauched air strikes in Afghanistan. Since then, US troops is doing operation against Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan. The operation’s code-name Operation Enduring Freedom.

After decades of the longest running US war against Talibans, the matter between US and Afghan Taliban is finally sorted out. They finally signed a agreement in Qatar. Qatar government played a central role in the negotiations. Qatar played an acting role in this agreement. They hosted month long discussions between Afghan Talibans and US officials in Doha (capital of Qatar).

Now, according to this agreement, US said it is committed to lessen the US troops from 13000 to 8600 within 135 days of this US-Taliban treaty. And also said, if Aghan Talibans remained consistent on their commitments, then they would decrease the coalition forces from the Afghanistan, as US also working with its allies to proportionally decrease the number of allies. The complete withdrawal of all US forces and allies would occur in 14 months after this agreement, if Talibans uphold terms and conditions of the agreement.

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On March 1, 2020, when government of Afghanistan was not a part of US-Taliban agreement, they declined the US and Talibans request for exchange of prisoners by 10 march 2020, Ashraf Ghani said that, such type of agreement require more talks. On March 10, 2020, Ashraf Ghani signed an agreement agreeing to exchange 15000 Talibans prisoners starting 14 March 2020. On the condition that they sign a decree of non-participation in war again. That day, it was moreover revealed that there were no plans for a full US withdrawal from Afghanistan. On March 10, the United Nations Security Council by and large upheld the US-Taliban concordance deal. On March 11, 2020, in any case, the Taliban excused Ghani’s prisoner swap suggestion. On March 14, 2020 the US-Taliban congruity deal became endangered when Ghani deferred the appearance of Taliban prisoners. United States also take promise from Taliban’s that they terminate their relations with Al-Qaida and keep on war with ISIS (Islamic state group).

And in return, Afghan-Taliban would not allow terrorist groups such as Al-Qaida or the Islamic State (ISIS) and any other group in Afghanistan to use Afgan base to threatened US forces or its allies. Afghan Government also said they are ready to talks and terminate truce with Talibans.

Impact on South Asia:

Islamabad’s policy of pushing a negotiated settlement with the radicals, the stone in the shoe of its relationship with Washington, was vindicated by the agreement. For more than 10 years, it had withstood effectively unprecedented weight from the US for its enduring refusal to act against or expel self-exiled Taliban pioneers subject to Pakistani soil, tolerating that the White House will manage the pointlessness of the country’s longest war. The US-Taliban deal, which envisions the withdrawal of remote forces from Afghanistan before the zenith of April one year from now, is a triumph win for Pakistan. Having played peacemaker, it can never again be blamed for any deferment in intra-Afghan talks

India would also not see this agreement beneficial for regional peace or relationship with United States. It comes scarcely seven days after Trump’s India visit, which made it agonizingly evident that common vital concerns are the main thing keeping the nations together. New Delhi remembers that India isn’t, on paper, a US ‘accomplice’ in such manner, a heightening of dread put together abuse centering with respect to India, as happened the last time the US pulled once again from the territory, would not be an encroachment of Trump’s understanding. One potential outcome: over time the governing body in New Delhi, which has immovably attempted to keep its ties with Kabul fundamentally political, may need to step up security joint effort. Nobody knows where that would lead. The agreement of United States would create many problems for South Asia in near future. The future of Afghanistan which we can’t control is in-confident and is dangerous for India.

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