Color Affects the Way We Feel: Essay

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Do colors really impact our feelings?

So if you want to pump up, look at some red, or surround yourself with hues of blue and green if you want to feel calm. The internet is full of sketchy facts and rumors about color psychology. the idea that certain colors can change our mood or influence our decisions. But what does science have to say? In 1666, sir Isaac Newton discovered that colors can be derived from lights using a prism. He found out that each color is made up of a single wavelength and it can't be separated into other colors. Now you know what colors are.

So, how do colors affect our minds?

Color can influence our minds and feelings, but we are just not sure exactly how or why. From the moment you open your eyes, your eyes perceive more than seven million colors. knowledge of color psychology can help you read someone's personality just by looking at their cars. By wearing a certain color, you can succeed in a variety of situations. For Example: imagine that you are going to an interview. There are a lot of people going for the same job, and you desperately want to get the job too. Yeah, past experiences, portfolios, and resumes matter, but sometimes your attire affects how the interviewer thinks about you. In this case, you can wear a blue color. Because the blue color often shows loyalty, it will “trick” them into thinking that you are very loyal and they should hire you. Can you guess the owner’s personality? One study in the journal Emotion found that when people see red they react stronger and faster. You might think that an owner is an extroverted person, he might be sporty, and hot-blooded.

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See? The colors are affecting how you think right now. (Now, let’s look at another picture.) What does it tell you? Does the word power and authority come into your mind? Just like what I said, red is often associated with feelings of excitement or intensity. Anger, and energetic. It can also mean love and warmth and danger. What about yellow? It’s also a warm color same as red color, it gives a feeling of energy and warmth and cheer, it is also very attention-grabbing. Now you know why highlighters are usually in yellow. Okay, that’s not all of the warm colors but let's get into some cool colors.

Blue color. It is often found in nature such as in the sky and a pool of lakes. That might be why people find blue calm and serene. Blue can also create feelings of sadness or aloofness. Consider how a painting that heavily features blue, such as those artworks from Picasso from his 'Blue period', makes people feel sad and lonely. Sometimes colors even change the way drugs work, the color blue makes for better sedatives while red makes stimulants more effective a study published recently in BMC medical research methodology found this to hold true It's an undeniable fact that the colors around us affect us in our daily life. From small things in our surroundings such as traffic lights, and clothes to commercial graphics such as advertisements, and logos. How it affects your mind varies with everyone depending on your personal experience, region, and culture.

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