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Compare and Contrast the New England Middle and Southern Colonies Essay

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England and France’s colonial endeavors and their interactions with native Americans reflected their social and economic motives for colonization. New France’s goal of profiting off creating Catholic missions amongst native Americans required partnerships with them. England’s frosty relationship with its native American neighbors reflected their insular goal of creating colonies with a puritanical worldview. When analyzing England and France’s motives for violent encounters against native Americans, it becomes clear that France viewed violence as a cost of doing business while England viewed it as a form of justice and retribution.

The Plymouth and Massachusetts Bay colonies grew more populous and wealthier than New France because they afforded unique opportunities not available to the common individual in the Old World. Overall the motives for colonization play a major role in shaping each colony’s structure and its eventual success or failure.

The New England Confederation was established by four of the colonies to generate a path to colonial unification after England did not act to assist the colonists to defend the territory claimed by the colonists in any manner. The New England colonies differed from the Chesapeake colonies because the New England colonies had very skilled and prosperous people and their people could pay their own way. New England was more balanced with their sexes, they had 6 males for every 4 women, unlike the Chesapeake colonies where it was 4 men for every woman. The initial immigrants came as families and not as people, setting the population to grow amazingly stable and healthy. Although, not all the same as the other colonies, females had very distinct social privileges and positions that permitted them to thrive and not feel down the social line.

New England was a patriarchally structured Society. New Englanders devoted to family solidarity as children became grown-ups in a sustained surrounding where their parents and grandparents guided them. New Englanders didn’t authorize any property rights to women and instead, women had to give all their property to their husbands after marriage wild Southerners authorized women with property rights if their husband dies. In New England, even the men weren’t given any rights to abuse their wives. The life of a woman was bound by motherhood because they delivered many kids.

The New England Way of Life was very interesting. The society succeeded in modeling their communities with financial riches and encouraged the more inland spread to discover stable lands comparable to those found in New England.

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The ways that the New Englanders made their living was because they developed a fleet of fishing boats for them to gather fish for them to eat and they farmed crops and produced lumber for the houses and barns and boats. New Englanders had a binding society that consisted of villages and Farms as its base. As the settlements increased in the Chesapeake colonies, distribution of lands was charged to the proprietors. In the towns, it was essential for people to have fundamental education.

New England Towns started to develop and spread through a near community of towns and villages, triggering an act of change. The colonial powers created educational colleges and churches that ultimately led to political liberty’s democratic government. The reason that they went to Massachusetts was that they wanted to find the town of Plymouth and an empty village with a clear field for them to grow crops. The steps that were taken to make Massachusetts “a city upon a Hill” was for the puritans to seek and purify their churches, they wanted to supervise one another, and live under the laws derived from the bible.

The reason why the New England colonies and the Native Americans had difficult relations was that the colonists saw the Indians as people who surrendered to their worst instincts to live in the wild, instead of laboring hard and conquering and transcending nature.

The Middle Colonies used to be a subset of the thirteen colonies in British America and it is located between the New England Colonies and the Southern Colonies. Just like the Chesapeake Colonies, this area now roughly makes up the Mid-Atlantic states.

What differentiated the Middle Colonies from its neighbors in New England to the north and the Plantation colonies to the South? The middle colonies were diverse and most religiously tolerant, they were also approached as “bread colonies” because they transported grains in huge amounts, unlike the southern colonies which concentrated on growing rice and tobacco. The soil in New England wasn’t fertile, the weather wasn’t good, and the streams were short which made it hard to grow crops as the South did. new Englanders then started to shape the land by building roads, ships, fishing, and Timber.

The success of England and France’s colonies in the New World and their interactions with native Americans reflected each country’s motives for colonization. Both colonial powers strived to profit from the trading of New World commodities and spread their brand of Christianity. England and France shared similar goals for colonization but had different motivations. The New England colonies and New France are examples of how different motivations for colonization can shape their interactions with native Americans. In New France, native Americans were instrumental to the colony’s goal of profiting off the fur trade and establishing missions that required the knowledge and cooperation of native Americans. This resulted in friendlier interactions between the French and Native Americans in comparison to the English. The Massachusetts Bay and Plymouth colonies were founded as Puritan refugees, thus resulting in more hostile interactions with native Americans. The New England colonies’ goal of creating a new social order allowed for its population and wealth to flourish in comparison to New France which aspired to recreate the feudal state.

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