Contrast between Characters in the Biopics ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘The Kings Speech’

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In the two biopic films, ‘A Beautiful Mind’ and ‘The Kings Speech’, there are many rather unique characters and some of which are extremely different to one another. These contrasts that the directors of these films have purposefully implemented into these films help to intensify the meaning and or the intention of the biopic film.

In the biopic ‘The Kings Speech’ the audience is introduced to two characters. Bertie is a character which comes from royalty and riches. In the film Bertie is the main character and has a speech impediment issue which breaks him down and he therefor has an extremely low self-esteem and is unable to do what is required of him. We are also introduced to another character in this biopic film by the name of Lionel. Lionel is a character who is on a completely different level to Bertie. Lionel is not rich, not royal and is living a rather average lifestyle. Lionel’s profession is to help those who have problems when it comes to speech. Although Lionel is not the main character in this film, he plays a huge role in it. It is important that this is taken note of as it has a lot to do with the message of the film or at least one of the messages as there are a few. The reason why these two contrasts help intensify the message of this film is because of how it proves that two opposites can come together and help one another. Just because Lionel is ‘lower’ than Bertie in terms of social status doesn’t mean anything. Bertie was in desperate need of someone, anyone who could help and someone who was completely different to him was just the right person for the job.

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In the other biopic ‘A Beautiful Mind’, which is closely similar to ‘The Kings Speech’ in terms of contrast in the two selected characters as well as their lifestyles, we are introduced to Professor John Nash who is the main character in the film. John Nash is a mathematician. This already gives away the impression that he is vastly intelligent and is one hundred percent devoted to is studies and work. This professor also has schizophrenia which leads him on the believing that he has a roommate by the name of Charles Herman. Charles Herman is one of the few characters in the film of which Professor John Nash’s mind alongside his schizophrenia have created. Charles Herman unlike John Nash is an alcoholic, loves to go out and about and spends very little time if not no time at all on his studies. It is also noticeable that they are different because of the way they dress. The director makes John Nash neat and Charles rather messy. Just by looking at these two characters lifestyles it is easy to tell that they are completely different if not completely opposite. The fact that they are completely different is what causes a lot of emotion in this film. Charles tries to get John Nash to forget about his studies for a bit and live life on the edge. John Nash after sometime realizes this and tries his best to ignore him in order to continue with his studies.

So, by having a closer look at these two biopics, viewers will now know that although there are two contrasting characters in both of these films the two together can cause very different effects to one another where as in ‘The Kings Speech’ the two contrasting characters were able to work together where as in ‘A Beautiful Mind’ they weren’t.

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