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Creon Character Traits in 'Oedipus the King': Essay

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In this paper, I picked Creon as my character to write about. This is because he is portrayed as a person with honor and benevolence. Nonetheless, in spite of his intrinsically positive outlook, Creon has a terrible character flaw that prompts his destruction which is the thing that we talk about in the article. Success goes to those that have a responsibility, devotion, and assurance; be that as it may, success is disposed of by personal addition. Creon, Antigone, and Oedipus have various personalities and jobs, however, they additionally share similitudes. Oedipus and Creon were two distinct kinds of rulers where the change into control had affected them and had an encroachment of prophecies. While Antigone was never in a leadership job every one of the three shows demonstrations of pride she has a few likenesses with Creon and Oedipus in the battle inside oneself. The pride enables common laws to be made over the celestial laws, which is seen by control defilement. Destiny and chance blended for people with great influence. There are additionally the jobs they played against one another that affected how the other acted. The statement that blood this thicker than water identifies with remaining one's family; it's extreme for people with significant influence to do so when they need to put what is best for the individuals of their city. Honor, hazard, and pride prompted forfeits and crushed lives in a lethal fascination.

In Antigone by Sophocles, Creon seems, by all accounts, to be a man of the individuals, however, he uncovers his actual self as a cruel dictator when Antigone covers her sibling, Polynices. Creon is delineated as a sensible, Calm, and sound character in 'Oedipus the King' as he manages a crazed Oedipus' allegations of treason, just as losing his sister, likewise Oedipus' significant other, through a suicide. He doesn't transform from this personality until the finish of the play when he gets his first look at control as Oedipus' rule disintegrates. All things considered, he stays delicate to Oedipus. His character gets ugly after turning into the King of Thebes in 'Antigone,' a place of now outright power that starts to degenerate him. This defilement prompts Creon to reject the rituals of the Gods and accept his laws are total, a deadly slip-up for him. These flaws come as an unreasonable measure of pride. Creon likens himself to the stature and intensity of the gods, who give and accept life however they see fit. Creon pronounces that the state of Thebes has been upset by the passing of Polynices and Eteocles as he consoles the residents of Thebes that the country is sheltered once more. Creon directs that Eteocles, the nationalist who guarded the city, will be covered while Polynices, the trickster who battled against Thebes, will be left unburied. Creon vows to compensate residents who are faithful and dutiful to the state significantly after their demise. Now, Creon seems to utilize his capacity to bring the residents of Thebes all together. Notwithstanding, after Creon finds that Polynices has been covered, he is persuaded that the residents have sold out him and requests that his watchmen locate the criminal in one day. Moreover, Creon will not tune in to the insight of another, particularly on the off chance that it negates his very own perspectives. He is excessively self-important and subsequently reluctant to take in something from the knowledge of another. Moreover, over the span of a similar discussion, Creon's pride surpasses his justness. He is shocked at the possibility that anybody, particularly those underneath him, can disclose to him how to manage his state. Creon's extreme pride keeps him from picking up the acknowledgment that his judgment on the issue, in spite of its well-meaning goals, is inaccurate. While the way that Creon rebuffs Polyneice can prompt him to be viewed as a high-minded man, the way wherein he rebuffs him to a great extent repudiates this perspective on his character. Creon neglects to see that when the state and the gods are in strife, the gods must comply, for they are of the most noteworthy position. Moreover, Creon won't tune in to the prophecies of Teiresias. Before Antigone is slaughtered, Teiresias cautions him that

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While all things considered, Oedipus Rex is the main character who encapsulates Aristotle's concept of a sad legend, numerous characters have enough of his characterized characteristics to qualify as the appalling saint of their separate show. Creon, the King of Thebes in Sophocles' Antigone, is one such character. An honorable and generally temperate man who loses all that he has because of his extreme pride, Creon encounters a dramatic sign minute past the point where it is possible to fix his bad behavior, in this way making him the Aristotelian disastrous legend of the show. Creon accepts that the state is critical, and in this manner, the way that he would remain determined to secure his subjects shows that in spite of his activities, he has the best of aims. Creon's amiable attitude is additionally found in the way in which he covers Eteocles. The way that he will not show Polyneices similar regard further vouches for his prudence, for he esteems the state to the exclusion of everything else. By denying Polyneices an honorable entombment, Creon is legitimately fighting back against the man who assaulted his country. Besides, his subjects, including his child, Haemon, see him as a decent leader. Creon is an astute leader, and in this way, his child promises to observe the guidelines that he wants to set.

Although it is past the point where it is possible to counteract his very own defeat, Creon still encounters a brilliant appearance. After Teiresias disregards him to mull over the circumstance considering his prescience, Creon's pride and egotism retreat, and his fair judgment surfaces. Creon understands that what the man said must be valid, and along these lines, it is futile to challenge it. He is presently ready to concede that the laws of the gods are over his laws – the laws of the state. His illumination is most perceptible when he explicitly concedes his judgment wasn't right and that his child kicked the bucket accordingly. Creon presently sees himself as a man blinded by egotism and over-the-top pride. He understands that he has fouled up, and hence excepts his discipline.

Because of Creon's well-meaning goals and naturally positive outlook, one doesn't see him as a miscreant, yet rather feels thoughtful toward him. His destruction is brought about by a terrible character flaw – pride. It is this pride that has prompted the passing of his better half, his child, and Antigone; it is this pride that makes him lose his dearest country and carry on with a forlorn life where he is looked ominously upon by his kin. While toward the end Creon perceives an inappropriate in his judgment, it is past the point where it is possible to take care of business. It is therefore that Creon is the Aristotelian heartbreaking legend of Sophocles' Antigone.

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