Crucial Themes in Hamlet

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Hamlet life was affected by the series of events especially his personality. Hamlet went in the course of hard time through the passing away of his member of the clergy (Erikson, pg, 5). In a month afterward, he goes in the course of another horrible event, where his nurse Gertrude started an association by his uncle Claudius and planning to marry. At this point, he begun to question, have her mother planned his father to be murdered? Such question would lead toward his life as misery as well as doubtful. In other words, if he was acting normally, not dealing with the loss of the member of the clergy, he could not be feeling extreme adore towards another; he could be caring as well as kind to Ophelia on regular basis. In the play, he never seemed to get payback.

Ophelia love with Hamlet

I think that Hamlet cherished Ophelia actually (Leverenz et, al, pg, 300); although Hamlet was a multifaceted personality, this was as understanding the play and studying the approach, he acted about making her feel affection for unadulterated and real. Hamlet supposed his affection meant for her all through the play, and it seemed that he treasured her further than before. The time came and Ophelia passed away and it was clear that it harmed for the loss of her devotee. They did things appealing superior since they had time to work together. Therefore, during the play it reveals that they each loved each other.

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Why did Polonius read love letter to Claudius

Ophelia gave her member of the clergy, the adore correspondence Hamlet wrote to her, and in act 2, scene 2, of Shakespeare’s play Polonius interprets the letters audibly to King Claudius (Ayers,pg 230). Polonius read the adore correspondence to Claudius for two reasons; Claudius wanted to reveal that his daughter should not be as one with Hamlet. Since, Hamlet was regal and he wouldn’t get lead of tying the knot with an offspring of a meager dignified. Secondly, he wanted to acquire praise for being the one to be familiar with, why Hamlet was crazy. His plans while he read the correspondence was to illustrate the ruler unswervingly that affection was the reason of Hamlet’s insanity by captivating the king to watch a discussion amid Ophelia and Hamlet. Throughout their discussion Hamlet was very denote to Ophelia; therefore, the king concluded that he was not in love.

Following the bereavement of his father, Hamlet was traumatized owing his mother remarrying so quickly and he ended to a point of distrusting everyone, and mostly women. Previously in the play he treats Gertrude unkindly, complaining that she was weak and immoral and he ended saying infirmity thy name is women. This recommended that his sense of trust was hurt and he felt deep sense of rejection. In his mind, Ophelia betrayed him by sharing his personal adore letters with her father (P.k .pg 233). Polonius’s plan was to spy on the couple along the sovereign to confirm that Hamlet really was in love. As a noble, he proved his worth if he solved the monarch’s problem.

Ophelia did that at the instruction of her father, Polonius. He thought that Hamlet was not actually serious with her and he was playing around with her, therefore, Polonius advised Ophelia that she was too young and inexpert to be concerned in a dangerous business enterprise. She returned them to him and she revealed to him that their relationship was over (Camden et,al, pg 250-251). This confirmed his bitterness towards all women since Ophelia has rejected him and being wishy – washy.

Hamlet was pretty sad with the world; his vicar has passed away and he suspected his uncle of killing him, and after that his nurse insulted his father’s name and honor by getting matrimonial to his uncle after the bereavement (Claudius (2011). Due to this Hamlet started doubting the faithfulness and cleanliness of all women. He didn’t believe that his mother could be so weak and inconsistent and he concluded that all women are like that (Heilbrun, et, al. pg 205). Therefore, he spread his anger out over all women, and not just his mother but he included Ophelia.

Hamlet raged that all women should never marry, since they just bear children who grow into dishonest men, he declares that good looks are just an attraction to draw men in. Hamlet declares that, there are no honest women, and therefore, all women should be nuns in order to create any more confusion. Hamlet vented his frustration at his mother and this happened to Ophelia as a victim of all that.

However, his reaction was incontestably disproportional to her action. He treated her unkindness telling her to get thee to a nunnery (Carlisle, pg 139). Hamlet anger was not because of the letter but mostly to his mother due to her actions and feels the sense of abandonment after Ophelia whom he loved did something he did not like.

In the play, it reveals that Hamlet protects Ophelia by pretending to be mad. When his father’s ghost meets him at the beginning of the play, alleged Hamlet to take revenge on his bereavement, Hamlet learnt that his uncle and stepfather were murderous. Hamlet decided to be mad so as to turn aside any capability suspicion from Claudius away from himself. Therefore, in order to defend Claudius from determining either to utilize or harm her in order to get to Hamlet where he pretends even to her, the woman he loves. If Ophelia believes that Hamlet is mad, then she could tell the truth and feel no guilty on either score. Although, the plan did not in the end defend Ophelia.

Yes, Ophelia was truly mad. It was not true that she had a reason to pretend her madness. This was as both Ophelia and Hamlet were extremely young and they were experiencing a range of feelings. In the play, the death of Polonius located her over above, which was icing on the cake (Kellogg, 1866). Ophelia could no longer wait to be patient on all the chaos that were happening around her which she was not able to deal with.

In the play, Ophelia’s loss was accidental, this was because of her bristle state of the mind she climbed a tree fall and she broke her limb and drowned. And this was not suicide on how the play revealed. Hamlet loved her, though in her burial scene, he jumped into her grave, persisting that he loved her forty thousand times than any brother could do. He claimed that he would be buried with her to prove he loved her.

The scene in which Hamlet locates King Claudius in the chapel is important since they were all in expectation and they believed that Hamlet would lastly terminate his life. Finally, Hamlet did not take his life since he was praying (Gottschalk,, pg 157). This was because he believed that killing him at that moment would not send him to hell since he was pure. According to Claudius he believed that he could not be able to repent his murder and by doing that he could be giving up to his crown. Though Hamlet thought Claudius has repented but he did not.


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