The Right And Wrong In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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There were times when Hamlet would give out a piece of advice to one of the actors of the play on how to read the lines when in honesty if he would have taken and listened to his own advice he could have avoided running into multiple problems. That showed that he is not very orderly since he believes one should not treat words and actions differently, but he does that. The level of his depression, the number of times he’s doubted, and the amounts of death could have refrained if Hamlet would have done what the ghost asked instantly and made the death of Claudius look like a casualty. The heads of three important families were all murdered, the oldest sons of each family gave the oath to avenge them, but only one of the three sons was able to accomplish the oath. Revenge was the incentive of each of the sons, for two of the sons it led to their failure and destruction as for the other son it led to his succession and rise. The theme of revenge is continuously brought up multiple times. It’s almost in every theme and the main motive behind everyone’s actions and decisions. The development of the play is thanks to the motive of Hamlet's wish for revenge.

Not all of the characters in the story go down the path of revenge alone, some of them ask advice from others, but each of them all goes about it in a different way. The timing of each person's revenge is different as well; some went through with it immediately while others waited for the perfect time to go through with their plan. The commotion between Hamlet and Laertes only increases the amount of displeasure between the two, which results in the vengeance they desire. Both of them are overwhelmed by the amount of hatred they feel for the other but fear what would happen if their feelings were revealed. The story lacks decisive actions. Hamlet's sanity spins out of control right after the death of his father, his mother's instant marriage, and when the communication with the ghost begins. After the ghost confessed what had happened to him, Hamlet was consumed with confusion, fear, doubt, anxiousness, and his thoughts on revenge; there was too much going on in his head. His first intuition on hearing what happened to his father was to attempt to gain revenge. He fears the consequences of what would happen if he attempted that. Piece by piece he was falling apart slowly; damaging his mind. He withholds you to carry out his desire for revenge by holding onto his ethical reasoning, but by doing this he thinks that he is a weakling for stalling. His inner struggles begin to increase while his thoughts on self-worth do the opposite and decrease.

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Hamlet can be considered to be doing both right and wrong in seeking revenge. There are many reasons as to why it could be both; it just depends on the point of view that you decide to look at it. Mostly the act of seeking revenge is on the wrong side for various reasons. It’s mainly on the wrong side because of the outcome and how it affected everyone including the kingdom. Revenge drove Ophelia and Hamlet to become mad; which resulted in Ophelia's suicide and the death of Hamlet. Not only did revenge only bring death, but it also brought the separation between families and lovers. There were too many problems to solve before more were created. Not only did Hamlet fall because of his weak mind, but he had pushed Ophelia down that same path. All that is wanted is justice for what happened to his father. Hamlet believes avenge is necessary to move on and allow his father's spirit who’s still in the castle to rest and finally be at peace. Hamlet believed that if he avenged his father he’d become a monster but in reality, it wouldn’t make a difference because both waiting and not waiting have consequences. There were others who were affected in the attempt of revenge when they weren’t even involved. Hamlet was so indecisive on what to do that there was no way he could tell the difference between right or wrong and that he himself didn’t know if what he was doing or planning to do was right or wrong, but in reality, it honestly was really wrong. Hamlet would’ve been doing the right thing if he would have killed Claudius as soon as the ghost told him instead of waiting for so long to decide what to do which just made everything fall apart and Hamlet didn’t seem to be in the right state of mind the longer he waited on his decision. Since he waited so long it was wrong because of the major impact not only was it a serious problem, but it could’ve had worse consequences; it brought innocent people into the problem and they died not knowing what was happening.

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