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Robert Zemeckis published his masterpiece 'Forrest Gump' in 1994. The film is adapted from the 1986 novel of the same name by Winston Groom. The movie has many political, social information and predictions. The extraordinary combination of romance, comedy and drama makes them laugh, lament and cry together. Forrest Gump's 'Life of a Box of Chocolates': we always forget that life sometimes brings us another chance.

This movie starts with a white feather, which flies up and down in the distance, and then landed on Forrest’s feet. He quickly hid it. In the children's book under the blue sky. The opportunity he gave to his son at the end of the movie, the pen was interpreted as an opportunity given to us by life. Forrest, a disabled person, did not have enough intelligence like his peers, but was pregnant with a pure heart is like water in paradise. Even on the battlefield, paradise always wins and gets rewarded, and meets the owner of the house. White wore the Star of Honor time and time again. It was nothing more than that he heard and realized the advice of his only girlfriend, Jenny. He joined the high school team, achieved extraordinary speed, and won a scholarship from the University of Alabama with his outstanding athletic ability. From some perspectives, describing Forrest as a young man is simple, naive, and even naive. Forrest joined the US Army. Forrest established a good relationship with his recruiting partner Bubba, and he persuaded him to participate in a project to catch shrimp after he completed his military service and returned to his home country. Forrest's best friend Bubba died in a battle. In the hospital, Forrest discovered his ability to play table tennis, began to play for the US Army, and finally faced the Chinese team against China in the goodwill round. Forrest has become a celebrity and has attracted many followers. During his career, Forrest has inspired a very successful entrepreneur. One day, he suddenly ran home. He received a letter asking to meet him, and then when he started telling his story, he crashed into the bus. Forrest discovered Angora, and Jenny named him Forest. The wizard suffers from an unknown virus. She asked him to marry her, and he agreed. They took Forrest Gump back to Alabama and got married. Jenny died at the end of the movie. On his son's first day of school, he and his son, Forrest, waited for a bus to take him to school. When the bus left, Forrest sat on the trunk of the tree on his mother's first day of school.

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This film is not particularly concerned with the concept of destiny, but with the way we treat what is presented to us as human beings. Forrest Gump isn't smart enough to be cautious or good at seizing opportunities, so he faces various situations with the enthusiasm of ten years. The philosophy that he adopted from his mother, such as 'Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get', which confirms the message that exists in the film. Just as a person never knows the content of a piece of chocolate, we never know where a pen will sit. We are all floating in the ocean of life, participating in part in our own decisions, in part accepting you as our own situation.

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