Essay on Similarities between Chinese and American Culture

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When looking at the Chinese and American education systems you will notice many differences. Many view Chinese education as very strict and because of that it lays the foundation for success, whereas the American educational system is viewed as a way to stimulate a student’s inner creativity. In Chinese education, they focus on how students use the knowledge they learned in school, and on understanding knowledge systems and structures and how to use that knowledge. Americans are interested more in how education impacts their lives in society. American education focuses on independence and self-determination, while Chinese education focuses more on strictness to improve retention.

The academic performance of American students has not budged in over two decades, even though billions and billions of dollars have been put into the American educational system. Chinese students have consistently done better than their American peers in the following subjects reading, math, and science. The test results showed that students from four areas of China, Beijing, Shanghai, and the eastern provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang earned the highest level 4 rating for all testing areas. The American students ended up ranking 3rd in science and reading and only ranked 2nd in math.

The testing showed that over 20 percent of American 15-year-olds do not read as well as they should and are usually behind meaning if they are in 5th grade they are only reading at a 3-4th grade level. This testing also showed that American students' performance in reading and math has not changed much since 2000. Seeing results like this has many saying that federal initiatives such as the “No Child Left Behind” and “Common Core” which the federal government and infused billions of dollars to has not improved the quality of education that american students are receiving. Many teachers believe that new technologies have lessened students' attention spans over the past years and many say that technology may not always be our friend and can lead to distractions and deter from learning and may not be a helpful tool examples of this would be laptops in school.

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Chinese school's teaching techniques differ greatly from the U.S. teaching methods. In China, you will observe a classroom full of students obediently taking notes and you will only see them breaking their silence when prompted by the teacher to repeat what was just learned. This form of classroom teaching is something that is used all across China, from elementary-middle school to college. The Chinese believe that students learn best by memorizing information supplied through repetition and note-taking. Teachers use this approach to deliver and plan lessons to students. Using this technique takes away the need for additional learning tools and allows for little to no student engagement. The reason why the Chinese favor this teaching method can be attributed to cultural values and beliefs. A Chinese student’s entire education and career is focused on how well they do on the College Entrance Exam (gaokao). This test is considered one of the toughest exams in the world. This test determines a person's future career paths and possible earnings. Because there is so much importance placed on this test the Chinese consider this one of the most important events of their lives.

There are also many differences between the settings in the classroom for both China and the U.S. One you will notice between American and Chinese is the classroom size. Chinese teachers typically have between 30 to 50 students, whereas you will typically see an American teacher having a classroom size of 20 students. Because the Chinese have larger classroom sizes, the teacher does not provide individual like in America. Something else that is different is when it comes to students moving from classroom to classroom and having multiple teachers throughout the day or even multiple teachers throughout their learning years. In China, a student may have the same teacher for sometimes up to three years but can also have them their entire elementary-middle school years.

In conclusion, we have learned and seen many differences in the teaching and learning sides of the American school system and the Chinese school system. In researching for this it shows how the education you receive can influence the world we live in and the way we view what is important to be successful.

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