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Essay on Taylor Swift: Analysis of the Song 'Love Story'

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The background story behind the music video for the song ¨Love Story¨ happens to be very personal for Taylor Swift. When you can easily relate to a situation it becomes easier to understand and more believable. This music video and the fictional metaphor of Romeo and Juliet are tyrannized as well. In the music video, the author is addressing young teens who fall in love with others their parents do not approve of. In the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the author is addressing this problem by rebelling and disobeying her parents by being with Romeo because she is in love. The author wrote this song about a real-life experience of meeting this boy in college and her parents not approving of him. Eventually, she gets to be with him anyway, her parents change their minds about the situation due to Juliet’s compassion and love for Romeo. Provided below is a summary, insight, and background of the music video.

The music video starts out with Taylor seeing the guy she met in college. She then visualizes the first time they met and realizes she wants to be with him. Taylor/Juliet met their Romeo at the ball in a castle. Juliet's parents do not approve of her being with Romeo at first so they forbid her from seeing him. Juliet who is already in love with Romeo does not care what her parents have to say about the situation so she sneaks out to meet up with him. After finally seeing Romeo for the first time in quite a while Juilet’s love begins to fade. The two of them then confess their love for one another and Romeo drops down to one knee and proposes to Juliet. Romeo had already gotten Juliet’s dad’s marriage approval and they then live happily ever after.

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The author of the music video is Taylor Swift. Although most of Taylor’s music is country, this one is more of a pop-country song. The topic of the song is about two people who are in love and have no choice but to be apart because of their parent’s disliking of the situation. The intended audience for this music video is young teens and some adults. The teens can for sure relate to the video because they sometimes tend to fall in love with others their parents do not approve of them being with. The music video is sad, happy, and romantic, it also ends with a proposal. The visuals help you really understand and picture the lyrics clearly.

The pictures and lyrics go together well so that there is no confusion. Taylor/Juliet has hopes that in the end, they will get to be with their Romeo. This music video is very interesting because Taylor based it on the love story of Romeo and Juliet. Many people could relate to this song, also another reason it became so popular when it was released. Now for a little background history on the music video. Taylor Swift Recorded the song with Big Machine Records, and it was released on September 12, 2008. The Love Story song sold more than 9 million digital downloads becoming Taylor Swifts best selling single to date. It was one of the most popular songs in 2008 and was included in the album ¨Fearless¨.

Taylor hit many fans’ hearts and sold out many concerts by writing this song. If someone can relate to the song's deeper meaning he/she will truly understand it better. It was easy for teens to relate to the things in this song, so they kept it on repeat maybe even showing their friends. Not long after the song hit number one, people were falling in love with it listening to it over and over again. The ¨Love Story¨ music video was based on the story of Taylor being in love with this guy she met at college. Things don’t turn out half bad for Romeo and Juliet, they live happily ever after. Juliet's parents gave her a chance at love and set aside their feelings to ensure their little girl would be happy. Taylor Swift's song proves that love stories can come true, it is entertaining and is very understanding to whomever the audience may be.

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