Ethical Dilemma Of Robotic Surgery

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Brief Description of the Ethical Dilemma

A popular and distinct technological advancement in the present world is robotic surgery that has been acquired in the entire health care industry. In Britain, several surgeries are being conducted by robots and these surgeries have become successful without indulging any type of problem. However, there had been an incident, in which a patient almost died due to technical failure of the camera within a robot, doing his surgery. Several medical problems like cardiac arrest were spotted due to this issue. As a result, there had been a specific ethical dilemma for IT professionals to deal with all types of complexities.

Application of Utilitarianism Theory

The first and the most popular ethical theory is utilitarianism theory, which is also referred to as the major part of the consequentialism theory. It states that a situation or individual can be referred to as ethical in nature, only when it will be providing any type of utility or benefit to the respective involved individuals (Enderle, 2015). As a result, the various aspects of utility are being highlighted in the process, and the individual gains maximum efficiency and effectiveness. It also assures that the respective organization is focusing on the well-being of different people under every possible circumstance and providing maximum advantages or happiness to them.

After considering this specific ethical theory for the case scenario of robotic surgeries, proper analysis and observation have been considered that the robot-based surgeries are extremely effective for the technological world and would be reducing manual barriers completely (Maniora, 2017). Moreover, the robots would not be emotionally affected by the conditions of the patients and hence the surgeries can be completed even with the most critical cases easily and promptly. Thus, chances of failure in the surgeries would be less than human doctors.

Application of Deontology Theory

The second popular and distinct ethical theory is the deontology theory. This particular theory could be stated as the distinct ethical theory that states that any action or activity should be judged on the fact that whether rules are being followed eventually or not. If any specific activity has followed rules and regulations, it is termed as ethical and it is not considered after checking the consequences (Trevino & Nelson, 2016). It refers to the fact that even if the consequences are negative for action, if rules are followed, the situation is effective as well as ethical in nature. This particular theory is completely opposite to the utilitarianism theory that focuses on the utility as well as consequences on a top-level.

After considering this specific ethical theory of deontology for the case scenario of robotic surgeries, it can be observed that the respective IT professionals have tried to ensure that they are providing maximum advantages to the respective individuals of the health care industry, under every circumstance (Ogbari et al., 2016). Moreover, the nerve tissues of the doctors while conducting any type of surgery would be successfully eradicated in this process. Major willingness towards surgeries would be determined eventually by following the rules and also not highlighting the consequences. As a result, a positive attitude is being present for this particular ethical theory.

Application of Social Contract Theory

The third distinct and important ethical theory would be the social contract theory. It majorly refers to a specific socialized contract, which must be maintained for all individuals and companies (Sroka & Szántó, 2018). Such a distinct contract is eventually created amongst 2 specific parties, who would be following some of the most important and significant rules and regulations, after negotiation. These rules are mainly for the ethical approach to be followed by both the parties and also bring out a successful and effective solution for the issue highlighted in the aspect. It even reduces the chance of failure in the business, since disputes are avoided due to the negotiation.

After considering this specific ethical theory for the case scenario of robotic surgeries, it is being observed that there was a social contract between the IT professionals and the entire health care industry regarding robotic surgeries (Barry, 2016). As the IT professionals were responsible for making this robotic surgery occur, it was evident that the contract became a failure since a patient almost died due to the technical failure of the robot performing such activity. Hence, it can be referred to as unethical in nature.

Application of Character-Based Ethics Theory

The fourth distinct and important ethical theory would be character-based ethical theory. It is also termed as virtue ethical theory, in which the respective character of an individual is being checked that whether they are following an ethical approach or not. Moreover, the virtue or moral of an individual is also checked in this manner and the individuals or organizations are able to understand the ethical concept (Belle, 2017). After considering this specific ethical theory for the case scenario of robotic surgeries, it is being observed that the IT professionals wanted to help the industry and hence they were ethical for their works. Moreover, they reduced the burden of the doctors to a high level.

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Proposed Solution to the Ethical Dilemma with Four Ethical Theories

A proposed solution to this specific ethical dilemma of IT professionals supporting robot-based ethics with the analyses of utilitarianism, deontology, social contract, and character-based ethical theories would be that this type of robotic surgery should be used by the health care industry (Pearson, 2017). Furthermore, the doctors should be present at the surgery place when the robots would be performing such actions to guide the robots. It is absolutely ethical in nature and would be providing some of the most distinct and noteworthy advantages to the issue. Moreover, it would ensure that the IT professionals are helping the technological developments are taking place eventually and major advantages would be provided for the doctors and patients. The social contract would be maintained by these distinct professionals and they would be able to deal with all types of manual barriers and complexities effectively and efficiently.

Application of ACS Codes of Ethics in the Case Study of Robotic Surgery

The ACS code of ethics is referred to as the part of the ACS Constitution and being the part of the constitution, it is the core responsibility of every individual or organization to follow the rules and regulations effectively for ensuring that the steps or actions, undertaken in the process are absolutely ethical in nature (ACS Code of Ethics. 2020). Proper analysis and application of ACS code of ethics in this case scenario of IT professionals enabling robot-based surgeries are provided below:

The Primacy of the Public Interests. This is the first as well as the most distinct code for ACS. It proves that the interests of the public or customers should be kept on top priority for every professional in their work. It would ensure that he or she is considering their customers’ choices on top priority from the personal, sectional, and even business interests. In this case scenario of robotic surgery, the IT professionals have kept such distinct effectiveness of technology on top point, so that the patients and doctors get maximum advantages without any type of issue. Hence, an ethical approach is being followed by these professionals and the scenario is ethical.

The Enhancement of the Quality of Life. The second significant and important code of ethics is to enhance the overall quality of life. In spite of the fact that a patient was almost killed in the process of robot-based surgery, the case scenario is absolutely ethical in nature; since the IT professionals had the intention of helping the industry and ensuring that all types of significant procedures are being followed eventually so that the doctors do not face any issue related to tremor or time and surgeries can be done at any point of time (ACS Code of Ethics. 2020). Hence, the approach of the IT professionals was ethical in nature.

Honesty. The next distinct and noteworthy code of ethics is to ensure that honesty. The professionals of information technology were absolutely ethical and honest and they have followed all types of rules and regulations related to such technologically advanced surgeries. However, there exists a risk of technological failure in every case; hence it was not their fault.

Competence. The IT professional have maintained maximum diligence as well as competence within their works and in the present situation, several such surgeries are taking place in the United Kingdom and the patients are cured accordingly.

Professional Development. Professional development was being maintained by the IT professionals in their works and they have ensured that maximum effectiveness is being gained due to such surgeries and time and cost is saved to a high level.

Professionalism. The robots, designed by the professionals are highly professional and they have maintained professionalism in their accordingly (ACS Code of Ethics. 2020). The main purpose of this particular code of ethics is that a set of values or laws is being followed for maintaining professionalism and professional attributes eventually and it is being followed by them.

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