Ethical Dilemmas On Data Privacy And Security For Social Media

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Ethics explains the behaviors and regulations that everyone has to follow. Ethics relates to moral concepts such as goodness, crime, truth, error, and responsibility. While privacy is also an individual or group effort to conceal information about himself. In addition, privacy also means something very special and sensitive to some things. Social media is communication through an online website such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and so on which is used by individuals or groups to share information, promote business and develop social relationships with one another.

Communication using social media is to use polite language in the form of writing or speech even if it is not communicating in the face. If we're in a chat do not use totally capital letters because people will assume we are in emotionally angry emotions when typing. Then write using appropriate writing as well as easy to understand.

Social media users are also not allowed to use offensive texts such as abuse or pornographic videos that will bring disgrace to oneself and also religion. For example, an owner of the instafames account is a man who performs a pornographic parody by wearing a barefoot girl and uploads the video in person during Ramadan. This is an offense to the public because of what he has done wrong and he is uploading at the wrong time. As a result, the Instagram account has been closed Instagram because of reports from the public. This is an example that can be attributed because it involves religion.

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In addition, in social media, there are also some individuals who distribute pornographic information or pictures on social networks. While in social media such as Instagram, Facebook, or Google, there are also minors who use it. Even though they get a watch from parents. They will also find the page as it opens. This will indirectly cause children to be affected by things that do not fit their age. Additionally, social media users are also not encouraged to post terrorized images with non-adaptive captions or that are intended to encourage the public to imitate the action.

Furthermore, we also can not imitate someone's copyrighted work by replacing and removing it. Creation is usually a painting, picture, song, or video. For example, the story out of the cinema is recorded quietly and then downloaded on youtube to find popularity while it can destroy the design of the story and spoil the business of others. This is a fine that can be imposed by a court for the offense of plagiarizing the rights of others. The imposed fines are also worthy of what the individual has done.

Therefore, we as people who live in society do not do things arbitrarily because we live in a country where each one needs to respect the other. And in this sophisticated age, it should not be easy for us to believe in the news unless we search for the news whether it is authentic or not because the lies on the market are so vast. We need to follow every set of ethics for everyone's enjoyment.

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