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Fahrenheit 451' Analysis Essay

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In the novel Fahrenheit 451, there are many types of struggles for the characters in the novel. There can also be struggles for us people in the real world. Fire in the novel is used to destroy the books that people are not allowed to have or read. Technology in Fahrenheit 451 is used for many different reasons but one of the best technologies that are used in Fahrenheit 451 is the mechanical hound which is a hound made out of many different types of mechanical parts they say this on page (24) “It is only copper wire, storage batteries, and electricity.” Most of the story of Fahrenheit 451 is based around censorship and how people have to live with strict rules as they do in North Korea.

When a book paper reaches 451 degrees it will catch fire. In Fahrenheit 451 fire can symbolize many different types of action and emotions. It can symbolize rebirth, knowledge, destruction, and chaos. Fahrenheit 451 also talks about a firebird that is called a phoenix. The phoenix is also a sign of rebirth and immortality.

In the book it has been said that Benjamin Franklin was the first fireman this is said on page (32) 'Established, 1790, to burn English-influenced books in the Colonies, First Fireman: Benjamin Franklin.' In Fahrenheit 451 the firefighters are not putting out fire instead they are making fire to destroy books and banned things. Fire is used to destroy many different types of beautiful pieces of literature and novels. In the real world, fire can also destroy many different things such as forests, and famous and historic buildings. Fire can cause a really bad environment for the earth and it can bring more pollution and have more worse effect on climate change.

There is a historic event that happened that is similar to what is happening in Fahrenheit 451. Actually, there was something about burning books in real life just like they did in the book. The nazis burned books that opposed the nazis. This happened in March 1933 the nazis had burned over 25,000 books and it had major censorship. This is almost the exact thing that is going on to the characters who want to own a book or read a book in Fahrenheit 451.

At the beginning of the book Guy Montag likes fire and he also used to like the burning sensation about setting fire to a book. I believe that Guy Montag said this quote. “It was a pleasure to burn” it is found on page (1). I think that he said that because he thinks he feels better by burning a book for the country. I think that he feels that he is doing this to act patriotic and to defend this book from people who want to be an eel.

As the story later progressed Guy Montag became less fanatic about burning books and having fun with fire and he is starting to wonder if burning the books he is putting fire to is the right thing to do. This happens because when they were going to burn books there was an old lady with many books she had hidden from the fire department. When they found the books the firefighters pile up all the books ready to burn all the books she got. But to Montag's surprise, the old lady decides to burn herself with the books and she dies. I think that Montag was a bit surprised at why the old lady decided to do this and he started to ask himself why she decided to burn and kill herself just for some books. After all of that Montag decides to take a book for himself so he can read.

So in the novel Fahrenheit 451, there is a lot of technology. It is a story about how technology can affect our lives. The novel is based on a futuristic future and there is a lot of technology that we can recognize today. There are futuristic walls that are or act like tvs. There are also robot dogs that are called mechanical hounds that are like hunting dogs but instead of hunting animals they hunt and kill the eels.

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The first thing that I will talk about will be how technology from the book is relatable to today. In Fahrenheit 451 Montag imagined how his room would look without turning on the lights. He imagines that his wife was there sleeping but in her ear, there are little seashells that can help his wife Mildred fall asleep. The seashells are like headphones or earbuds that can help some people fall asleep while listening to music. Montag's wife Mildred is also obsessed with technology because in the book she says that she wants a new wall-tv even when they already got 3 of them.

The second thing that I will be writing about is the mechanical hounds on how it works. So the first time the mechanical hound comes up in the book is when it talks about how he sleeps and it does not sleep. It has 8 legs and it also has a four-inch needle that can inject morphine or procaine that can help kill the eels. So Montag tries to touch the hound and the hound is acting like a bad dog would act like someone who the dog doesn’t like or trust. Montag tells the captain of the fire station that the hound doesn't like him and the captain says “It doesn’t like or dislike, it just functions” The hound might be activated to someone who could be suspicious of someone who could be an eel.

In this paragraph, I'm going to write about how technology has affected the storyline of Fahrenheit 451. I think that people in Fahrenheit 451 are more closed to technology rather than other people. For example, Mildred would rather watch her favorite tv show called white clown than talk stuff with Montag. Technology on how we use it is like the book since we would rather talk to each other on phones rather than talk face to face. That is how technology has affected the storyline.

To sum up I wrote about how technology affected our lives in real life. It also talks about how technology has affected the story in Fahrenheit 451. There have been many inventions that have changed how we lived today. It also talks about how the inventions changed Fahrenheit 451 about many types of technology. That is how technology

In the novel Fahrenheit 451 censorship is one of the major themes or it can also be the most important theme that is in the book. Characters in the novel have to follow strict rules or else they will be punished and probably go to jail or die. The same thing can also happen if other different types of countries have strict rules for tourists and their own people. I think that these countries have these strict rules because they want their people to be perfect for the other people that could be watching them. For example, in North Korea, everybody has to bow down to them two big statues of the former leaders of North Korea.

Characters in Fahrenheit 451 are not allowed to have books, read books, or distribute them or they will be in trouble. The only things they are allowed to read are things such as comics and trade journals. The government does not want other people to read books because the government is scared that the citizens are going to become smarter than them. If you are caught with a book, the fire department in Fahrenheit 451 will come to your house and burn the books in your own home. Even the firefighter that is working for the fire department can also not have books just like they did to Montag when Beatty started to get suspicious of Montag they all go to his house and they find books there and he is caught but he runs away.

Censorship is probably the most important theme in Fahrenheit 451 because people are not allowed to be doing or have certain things. In North Korea, you can not have foreign movies or shows like some people in North Korea smuggled a famous tv show from Netflix and they were executed. The censorship in North Korea is probably worse or equal to the censorship that is shown in Fahrenheit 451. That is all I had to write about this book.

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